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Talkin’ Boxing with Kassim Ouma

I’m walking around between fights and out of nowhere pops old friend and former IBF Junior Middleweight champ, one of the nicest people and happiest spirits I have ever come across…the one and only Kassim Ouma. He wants to do an interview…

BoxingInsider: Fire away my man.

Kassim Ouma: “Kassim the Dream, I’m right here in Atlantic City watching the fight (December 5 – Paul Williams vs. Sergio Martinez card). This is my first time coming back. And I’m gonna spend the next year, it will be my year. And I’m warning boxing fans out there, Don’t think that I’m going. I’m here. And I’m coming back next year. I’ll take over the whole thing.”

BoxingInsider: 154 or 147?

Kassim Ouma: “154, 160, 147, whoever comes first I’m down for it.”

BoxingInsider: What’s your inspiration?

Kassim Ouma: “My inspiration is to come back. I miss this sport, you know, I miss going on the HBO shows, being in the big fights.”

BoxingInsider: What brings you here to Atlantic City tonight?

Kassim Ouma: “Well, I’m training up in New York so I came over here to watch this fight.”

BoxingInsider: Who is on you radar? Who would you like to target for your next fight?

Kassim Ouma: “Well, like my fights back in 2006, I’m looking to fight somebody, anybody in the top 10. So I can reach my goal and re-establish myself right away.”

BoxingInsider: What is your weight right now?

Kassim Ouma: Right now I’m 154. I’m ready. Right now.”

BoxingInsider: Do you think Paul Williams is the best welter and superwelter on the planet right now?

Kassim Ouma: “I don’t think, because he hasn’t faced me. I will not give him that. Until we face each other. I know we will. Because I’m coming back hard.”

BoxingInsider: Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather – how do you see it playing out?

Kassim Ouma: “Well almost every time I predict the fights I always lose [smiles]. Manny Pacquiao I like him, he’s a good man, he’s a southpaw like me. But I don’t think he’ll pass Mayweather.”

BoxingInsider: Why?

Kassim Ouma: “I think he’s a skillful guy. I see skills in him. He’s got skills, he’s got speed, I mean, he does do good. He knocks out guys that Mayweather goes ten rounds with (Hatton) or goes all the way (Oscar). He does knock them out. So we’ll see.”

BoxingInsider: What do you miss most about boxing? You haven’t boxed since last April in Newark, NJ (lost a decision)?

Kassim Ouma: “Yeah, in April. What I miss is now I’m very, very focused and I’m hungry and eager to come back and make it happen.”

BoxingInsider: Is your best yet to come?

Kassim Ouma: “It’s my year. I’ve got two more years to fight, so the next year will be a big one.”

BoxingInsider: You wore that hat on HBO that said “I Love Larry Merchant” which was an unforgettable gesture. Why do you love Larry Merchant?

Kassim Ouma: “Well that’s what love for him is, I mean, he’s a good guy, been around a long time. He’s a good guy. I like the way he talks. He said the truth always. So that’s good.”

BoxingInsider: Anything else to add? You caught me a little off guard here.

Kassim Ouma: “I’m just gonna let all my fans know that my movie is out, “Kassim The Dream” is ON DEMAND now.”

BoxingInsider: Are you happy with how that film came out? (“Kassim The Dream” was officially selected in various film festivals.)

Kassim Ouma: “I’m a happy person that way and I’m happy people get to see the life of Kassim and how it goes in another world. But next year is my year. Boxing fans watch out for me. I love you.”

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