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Talkin’ Boxing with Juan Manuel Marquez

Posted on 05/21/2009

“If it’s impossible to do, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to do the impossible. It doesn’t really bother me. I’m not worried about it. What matters is the technique, the intelligence inside the ring.”

Despite the general perception five-time champion Juan Manuel Marquez has been handpicked by Floyd Mayweather in his “comeback” set-up, business fight scheduled for July 18, the 35-year-old seems somewhat intent on shocking the world. While it’s difficult to read the stoic and reserved Mexican, he does say some things in this interview that leave you a glimmer of hope that he is willing to walk through the fire to defeat Floyd, rather than just collect a payday and a meaningless, acceptable loss to the considerably larger man…

BoxingInsider: Do you really believe you are going to win this fight right now?

Juan Manuel Marquez: Yeah. I always prepare myself to win. Mentally, physically I’m always prepared to win and I’m getting myself ready to believe that I can win. He’s not a machine. He’s a human being. Any human being can be beaten.

BoxingInsider: Do you like Floyd as a person? What do you think of him as a person and his cocky facade?

Juan Manuel Marquez: You know what? He’s a great fighter. He’s a great fighter. And, I don’t know too much about him and he’s pretty cool but once in a while you can see a little bit of his ego coming out, like any great champion, in any sport. But yeah he seems to be okay.

BoxingInsider: Does it make it more of a pleasure to kick a cocky guy’s ass like that?

Juan Manuel Marquez: Yeah, it motivates me, to be able to beat someone like that. And that’s what motivates me, to be able to put my heart and soul into that fight and to become victorious.

BoxingInsider: What changes are you making in your training to go up to this new weight?

Juan Manuel Marquez: This is very different. I’ve been working 20-25 days on strength training, building mass and strengthening. Build muscles, build mass, so I can be able to complete at that weight. Build muscle and be big but do it the right way. So I can be able to be effective. I’m also working a lot on speed, a lot of techniques. Use different techniques that I’m working on.

BoxingInsider: How are you building the muscles and mass – by lifting weights?

Juan Manuel Marquez: I’m working with, believe it or not, with rocks and boulders. I’m going up, working in the mountains where I normally work out, in Toluca, I’m going up there and we’re doing a lot of exercises with heavy rocks and boulders.

BoxingInsider: How do you feel about being a 3-1 underdog in this fight?

Juan Manuel Marquez: It doesn’t worry me. It motivates me to give a great fight on July 18.

BoxingInsider: What do you expect from Floyd?

Juan Manuel Marquez: Whatever. I’m putting in my head that he’s never been retired and he’s been fighting so I’m expecting the best.

BoxingInsider: Some respected boxing people like Freddie Roach don’t think highly of your chances in this fight. Your comment?

Juan Manuel Marquez: People can say whatever they want. I’m prepared to put on a great performance. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to do it. If it’s impossible to do, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to do the impossible. It doesn’t really bother me. I’m not worried about it. What matters is the technique, the intelligence inside the ring.

BoxingInsider: Do you think you are smarter in the ring that Floyd?

Juan Manuel Marquez: No. I think he’s also very smart. It’s why he is where he is. But I think whoever comes out with the better game plan and is able to execute it, is going to win the fight.

BoxingInsider: Will this be a difficult fight for you to win?

Juan Manuel Marquez: It’s going to be a very difficult fight. But that’s why I’ve been preparing, ever since I agreed to take the fight I’ve been preparing. I’m gonna be ready for a difficult fight.

BoxingInsider: Which one or two of your fights did you feel at your very best? Your finest performance?

Juan Manuel Marquez: I felt good in all of my fights. It’s all in the preparation. I prepare myself for all of them. And I felt good in all my fights.

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