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One on One with Odlanier Solis

Posted on 10/16/2009

The most impressive heavyweight prospect on the scene today is the Cuban powerhouse Odlanier Solis. A former world amateur champ, 29-year-old Solis is fresh off the two round destruction of Monte Barrett at Madison Square Garden last Saturday. Weighing in at a devastating 270 pounds of power, Solis made quick and easy work with the faded Barrett but it was still impressive in the precision of the execution. The left hook counter for the first knockdown was as good as you will see by any heavyweight contender.

Now 15-0 with 11 KO’s, Solis spoke with and says he is ready now for the ultimate test…

BoxingInsider: How far do you feel you are away from winning the heavyweight championship?

Odlanier Solis: That all depends on Ahmet Oner (his Germany-based promoter).

BoxingInsider: Who do you believe is the best heavyweight on the planet right now?

Odlanier Solis: Klitschkos.

BoxingInsider: Are you ready now to face the Klitschkos?

Odlanier Solis: Yes.

BoxingInsider: Of all your amateur and pro fights, which one or two did you feel you were at your absolute best? Which was your best performance?

Odlanier Solis: All my fights. I feel great in all my fights.

BoxingInsider: Who was the toughest opponent you ever faced amateur or pro?

Odlanier Solis: Felix Savon. He was one of the greatest amateurs of all time and he could punch through a wall. (Solis holds two wins over Savon.)

BoxingInsider: Thank you.

Odlanier Solis: You’re welcome.

Translation by Ricky DeCubas.

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