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Interview with Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard

Posted on 09/15/2009

Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard (18-0, 10KOs) of Manchester, CT will defend his WBC Youth featherweight title when he steps back into the ring, as the headliner, on September 19th at the Nomads Adventure Quest in South Windsor, CT. Remillard will take on Rafael “The Dominican Man” Lora (11-0, 5KOs) of Irvington, NJ by way of the Dominican Republic.

We had a moment to sit down and talk to Remillard as he prepares for his upcoming bout, here’s what he had to say:

Q: How young were you when you started fighting and can you tell us about your amateur career and some of your accomplishments as an amateur?

A: I started boxing at 13, which was 10 years ago; I had about 140 amateur fights. I was 125 and 15 as an amateur. I won about 30 national titles, two-time 119 pound national champion, Ohio State Fair Champion, a medal in about every national tournament. I went to Korea with the USA world team and fought there. I went to England and fought for the world team over there.

Q: How did you get the nickname “Sharp Shooter”?

A: Paul actually gave it to me because I don’t waste my punches. I like to take my time and I’m very accurate when I take my shots.

Q: How is training camp going?

A: Training camp is going great. I’ve been in training camp for about 6 weeks now and everything has been going smooth.

Q: What do you know about your opponent and have you seen video of his fights and do you normally watch video of any of your opponents?

A: I’ll be fighting Rafael Lora. I don’t’ really watch videos, I leave that up to my team to find out information in reference to how the other guy is going to fight. Studying tapes can get a little over rated because not every fighter fights the same fight every time. They adapt to the situation of the fight and I just train hard and come prepared.

Q: This is the first time you’ll be headlining, do think there’s any added pressure for you to have a great performance and how does that make you feel?

A: I think there is that added pressure, but I feel like if you can’t handle pressure in boxing then you’re in the wrong sport. I believe I do better under pressure; I’m actually looking forward to it. I feel its going to make me strive to be better and perform better.

Q: You signed with Chet Koerner’s TKO BOXING Promotions, how has that helped your career?

A: It’s helped me to get out of Connecticut. It’s allowed me to fight in other states and show case my talents else where and that’s what I needed, to get out of Connecticut for a little bit to see different styles and get better competition. TKO has been great, they treat me like one of their top fighters and I have no complaints with them at all.

Q: Even though your career is very young, what are some of your goals?

A: My ultimate goal is to become world champion. I’ve been in this sport for ten years and a professional for four years. It’s what I love to do. I can’t see myself doing anything else. I wouldn’t want to wake up and not enjoy what I’m doing. I just want to take boxing as far as it can get me and be in the sport some how even if I’m not fighting. I just want to be a part of the sport, forever.

Q: What is your opinion of the current featherweight division?

A: I think its one of the best divisions out there; you have guys moving up from junior featherweight. I think its one of the toughest divisions in the sport. I just think it has so much talent and that’s where I want to be, were all the talented fighters are at. I don’t want any easy fights and I’m looking forward to getting in the ring with some of them.

Q: Name one or two fighters you’d like to face in the near future?

A: That’s hard for me to say, with the featherweight division being so tough, I feel my promoter should promote and my manager should manage and me as a fighter I just come here to fight. Who ever they put me in the ring with I’m going to make sure I’m ready. I’ll fight who ever is brought to the table.

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

A: Right now I’m just looking to look good on the 19th and win the fight. Hopefully I’ll get another fight by the end of the year and 2010 should be my big year and hopefully I’ll get on some television networks and hopefully by the end of 2010 I’ll get a shot at a title.

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

A: I just want to thank everyone for their support and to look forward to the 19th and I hope to put on a good display for everyone.

Mart Remillard is promoted by Chet Koerner’s TKO BOXING Promotions, guided by manager Bret Hallenbeck and trained by Paul Cichon.

Tickets for “A Warriors Homecoming”, presented by TKO Boxing Promotions, can be purchased in advance by calling 860-508-6431 or 860-290-1177 and start at $45.

Doors open at 6pm with the first bell is at 7:30pm. Nomads Adventure Quest is located at 100 Bidwell Road in South Windsor, CT.

Ricardo Conde can be reached at [email protected]

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