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Would Mayweather Really Duck Mosley?

Posted on 02/03/2010

Yes he would. Because it’s in his blood, it’s his natural instinct. And he’s successfully gotten away with doing it for his entire career.

Fraud Mayweather is the greatest, most elusive ducker in the history of boxing – ducking, dodging and avoiding risky fights is what he does best.

As we know, Fraud Mayweather still hasn’t signed the Shane Mosley May 1 fight contract. Considering The Fraud’s past history, it would not be a stretch for one to suspect he adamantly does not want to take the risk of fighting and getting brutally knocked out or savagely slaughtered by the extremely dangerous Mosley. If this unbelievable duck scenario plays out yet again, there are a number of consequences that could develop.

You would have to think HBO and Golden Boy will sever all ties with their Duck – it is just impossible to imagine Ross Greenburg, Oscar De La Hoya, Richard Schaefer and Mark Taffet ever trying to sell this fraud again. It is just impossible to believe that HBO, after all the lies and deceptions that have been pulled in the last two months, would continue to invest, support and try to sell this scheming fraud to the frustrated public.

But what could the Duck do to salvage his career? Where could the Duck take his cowardly act to next?

Which promoter might jump at the chance to sell this coward in a new package?

I can only think of one.

Don King.

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