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Wladimir Klitschko Dominates Alex Leapai for his 16th Title Defense

By: William Holmes

ESPN’s recent investments in the heavyweight divisions have certainly caused a lot of stir in the boxing community. ESPN decided to show the heavyweight title fight between Wladimir Klitschko (61-3) and Alex Leapai from the WBO, IBF, and WBA Heavyweight belts.

Oberhausen, Germany was the host city for tonight’s bout and the arena appeared to be packed with excited fans. Michael Buffer worked as tonight’s ring announcer. Australian resident and Samoan native Alex Leapai was the first man to enter the ring, he was greeted by neither boos or cheers from the German crowd. Wladimir Klitschko was the second man to enter the ring, and since he’s fought in Germany so often he was greeted with cheers by the fans in attendance.

The following is a round by round recap of tonight’s heavyweight title fight. Tonight’s referee was Eddie Cotton.

Wladimir Klitschko (61-3) vs. Alex Leapai (30-4-3); WBO/IBF/WBA Heavyweight Title

Rd 1: Klitschko towered over Leapai at the fighter introductions. Klitschko leans on Leapai early and is able to easily avoid the jabs to the body thrown by Leapai. Klitschko tries to lean on Leapai again but Leapai picks him up and carries him to the ropes. Leapai comes forward again and Klitschko holds onto Leapai. Leapai gets caught in top of the head and the referee rules it a knockdown. Klitschko tries to catch Leapai coming in with his check left hook. Leapai is short with an overhand right. Klitschko lands a good two punch combination. Klitschko sticks two jabs in the face of Leapai. The crowd is starting to chant for Klitschko. Klitschko lands two good straight right hands. Most of Klitschko’s straight punches are getting through Leapai’s guard. Easy 10-8 round for Klitschko.

Rd 2: Klitschko is using his jab as a measuring stick early on. Leapai misses with a lunging left hook. Klitschko lands two hard left hooks and a straight right hand. Klitschko lands three straight jabs in a row. Klitschko lands a good straight right hand. Leapai looks unable to get inside on Klitschko. Klitschko is fighting his type of fight and looks very comfortable inside the ring. It doesn’t look like LEapai has been able to land a single punch on Klitschko. Very easy 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Rd 3: Klitschko comes out firing his jab and moving away from Leapai. Klitschko throws a rare straight right to the body of Leapai. This bout is starting to look like target practice for Klitschko. Leapai is showing virtually no head movement or upper body movement. Klitschko lands another right hand off the top of the head of Leapai. Leapai looks like he might be tired. Leapai misses with a windmill right hand. Klitschko lands a hard three punch combination. Klitschko connects with another hard straight right hand. Leapai misses with a wild left hook. Another easy 10-9 round for Klitschko.

Rd 4: Klitschko seems to be throwing some more power behind his punches early on. Klitschko is in complete control and is landing at will. Klitschko lands a good jab cross combination. Klitschko’s jab is very accurate. Klitschko connects with another good two punch combination. Leapai misses with two wild punches and falls to the mat. Klitschko is staying at a perfect range for him. Leapai misses with a left hook. Klitschko lands a right hand that snaps the head of Leapai backwards. Klitschko lands another good straight right hand. 10-9 Klitschko.

Rd 5: Klitschko lazily throws out lead left hooks. Klitschko jab is deadly accurate early on in this round. Klitschko throws another rare body shot. Klitschko does not look worried at all inside the ring. A straight right hand by Klitschko staggers Leapai. Klitschko lands two hard straight right hands in a row, and he follows it up with another straight right that sends Leapai down. Klitschko lands another combination that sends Leapai down again. Leapai was offering little to zero offense and defense and the referee waived off the fight.
Klitschko landed 147 punches while Leapai landed 10.

The end came at 2:05 of the fifth round.

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