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Wladimir Klitschko: A Wild and Crazy Guy on Conan O’Brien!

Posted on 01/16/2012

By Johnny Walker

World heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko has hit the shores of the United States on a charm offensive.

The champ recently visited the set of the Conan O’ Brien show, where he revealed that he has to avoid going into bars, because countless drunks, both male and female, always want to test themselves against the heavyweight champ.

“If I walk through the bar, there is always someone drunk who wants to fight me,” Wlad told the talk show host. “When people are tipsy they are encouraged, they want to prove something to the heavyweight champion.”

“It’s always someone who wants to fight me, especially a female,” Wlad humorously added.

Klitschko also revealed the secret of his success with the ladies – some pickup lines straight out of the old Steve Martin “wild and crazy guy” skits on Saturday Night Live.

“Hey babe, are your parents terrorists?” is the question Wladimir revealed that he asks potential female company.

When the person of interest inevitably asks what he means by that, Wlad replies,

“Because you look like a bomb!”

Wild and crazy, for sure!

Wladimir the nascent comedian has also been called in by veteran British comic Ricky Gervais to provide some muscular bodyguard backup for his upcoming stint as host of the Golden Globes, where Gervais has in the past caused havoc with his withering jokes about Hollywood celebs.

“He’s like a man, but bigger… He also said he’s got my back at the Globes. I’m covered,” Gervais said via Twitter.

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