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Will They Try To Murder Pacquiao Next?

Posted on 01/09/2010

Now that we know Floyd Mayweather is a coward who ducked the March 13 fight with Manny Pacquiao, there is an all-out assualt to overthrow the Filipino king of boxing.

Now the enemies of the King who know they have been conquered and exposed by the King this week are still trying to unseat the King. Again, the enemies of the King are desperately trying to save face and try to salvage the value of their once mighty asset who has been exposed as a fraud and pretender.

Tim Smith of the New York Daily News and Teddy Atlas of ESPN are trying to sell the world that a member of the Pacquiao camp e-mailed the Mayweather camp asking about what would happen if Manny tested positive and what the punishment would be for a dirty test. Smith and Atlas have shared no evidence of this supposed e-mail, it’s just word of mouth from their supposed sources, who have not been identified. What’s to hide here? Why not name names and show us what you’re talking about? And why on earth wouldn’t Mayweather himself step forward and present this e-mail? Is it because since the Mayweather camp and Golden Boy could be lying yet again and don’t want to get caught again in hypocricy, as already looming over their heads like a guillotine is the defamation lawsuit from Pacquiao and Daniel Petrocelli?

Is it possible Smith and Atlas are being employed like media assassins by Golden Boy and Mayweather to attempt to destroy the reputation and credibility of Manny Pacquiao? Until Smith and Atlas reveal their sources or present any evidence supporting their claims, how can they be taken seriously? Bob Arum and Top Rank might want to consider calling for an investigation of Smith and Atlas if they don’t show any evidence to back up their claims.

And if this all proves to be nothing but a smokescreen and falsehood designed to divert attention away from the truth that Floyd Mayweather chickened out of fighting Manny Pacquiao on March 13 because he is a coward handpicker who only selects safe opposition who can’t beat him, just what will the enemies of the King concoct next to try to destroy Pacquiao out of the ring?

With all they have tried so far to destroy this man’s reputation, would it possible that these filthy, unethical enemies of the King might hire real assassins and try to murder him? This situation is getting so insanely out of control, I wouldn’t put anything past people who are dominated by their uncontrollable love of money.

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