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Will HBO Let Floyd Duck Pacquiao Again?

Posted on 05/23/2010

The biggest event in boxing history is ready to be made.

But there is a major problem. One of the contestants is scared to fight the other.

The ruling emperor of the sport in America – HBO Sports – is aware of this. But it’s an extremely awkward situation to have to deal with, as in the history of pugilism, never has such a massive, multi-million dollar superfight been in such danger of being canceled because of one man’s cowardice.

Everybody in boxing knows which side sincerely wants the fights, and which side is desperately clinging on to a completely baseless accusation to duck the fight. Everybody in boxing knows which athlete is a man of honor and truth, who is beloved by people all over the globe for his phenomenal skills, class and sportsmanship. And everybody in boxing knows which athlete is a conceited megalomaniac who will lie, deceive and say anything to perpetuate the fraud he is, in order to keep the easy money rolling in.

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is such an exciting and electric event that it alone can launch the sport into a boom period, like Ali, Tyson and the 80’s welterweights have done in the past.

HBO Sports holds the key to making this event a reality. It’s very important to remember that HBO is the general and Mayweather is it’s soldier, and not the other way around. General HBO has the power to force it’s employee Mayweather into action, for the sake of the sport of boxing and it’s future. And if Mayweather can’t overcome his cowardice, HBO has the power to let that truth be known.

And Pacquiao doesn’t have to give in again to anything beyond 14 days. If he gives in again, Mayweather will then probably demand more, such as ordering Pacquiao to give blood samples before each round of the fight. Enough of the insanity already.

The truth is, Mayweather has nowhere else to go really. Floyd Sr. can say his son will never fight Manny Pacquiao. Leonard Ellerbe and Al Haymon can say whatever they want. But the Mayweathers, Ellerbe and Haymon are nothing without HBO. HBO doesn’t need Al Haymon’s fighters, as like Bernard Hopkins once said, Fighters are like prostitutes and when they no longer produce, there’s always new fighters to step in and take their place. And Golden Boy isn’t anything without HBO either, are they?

The time might be now to cash out on Mayweather who has already cost the sport millions of dollars from superfights with Cotto, Margarito and Williams who are assets that would have appreciated in value astronomically if they had the opportunity to share a ring with Mayweather who, let’s not forget, became a superstar because Gatti, Hatton and Oscar gave him his chance to be on the big stage.

The time might be now for HBO to give Mayweather the final ultimatum: “You fight Pacquiao with the 14-day random test cut off – like you agreed – or we will no longer support and sponsor you. If you don’t fight Pacquiao, we’re going to lowball you and concentrate on marketing and promoting Paul Williams, Miguel Cotto, Amir Khan and Tim Bradley as future Pacquiao opponents.”

What can Floyd do, where can Floyd go? He has to march to the orders of HBO. What can Haymon do? Take Arreola, Andrre Dirrell, Paul Williams and Berto to Showtime? What is Haymon without HBO’s support?

Would promoters in Dubai really pay Mayweather multi-millions for garbage sparring sessions against Matt Hatton or Nate Campbell? No.

Would Floyd sell out Wembley Stadium in London in a pay-per-view fight against Ricky or Matt Hatton? No.

Would Floyd draw $50,000 in Grand Rapids against a handpicked set up? No.

HBO must man up and show it can control the Frankenstein monster it has created in Mayweather. Otherwise, this monster could end up doing irreparable damage to the sport in America.

HBO Sports and Ross Greenberg have to sit down and tell their little family member, it’s not personal this time, it’s business. In the big picture, Floyd is Mickey Mouse, not Walt Disney, he’s Fredo, not Don Michael.

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