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Will Floyd Demand $20 Million Again For Mosley?

Posted on 01/19/2010

One year ago when Floyd Mayweather decided it was safe to end his faked retirement from boxing, Shane Mosley, coming off the devastating knockout win over Antonio Margarito, was discussed as an opponent for Mayweather. In a move that many suspected was a clever way to bid himself out of a dangerous fight, Mayweather let it be known the only way he would fight Mosley would be that he required a $20 million dollar guarantee to fight The Sugar Man.

According to reports, Golden Boy Promotions met with Mayweather about a prospective fight with Mosley, but Mayweather effectively shot it down with his $20 million guaranteed money demand.

One rival promoter cracked, “Mayweather is so out of line that it is ridiculous.” Now that Mosley and Mayweather suddenly seem cooperative about making a business fight for 2010, as the process plows ahead, just remember that $20 million guarantee demand by Mayweather last year and watch to see if it comes into play again. And if that outrageous business figure is not raised again by Mayweather as an obstacle (to block the fight), there will be some curious inconsistencies that will need to be explained. Stay tuned…

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