When Bramble Met Tyson

It’s always a memorable experience to meet the one and only Mike Tyson. Former Lightweight champ Livingstone Bramble remembers the first time he met a very respectful Mike Tyson in Atlantic City…

“Mike Tyson respected me as an older champion. Whenever I was around, I never had to walk to Mike. He’s a very respectful guy. He always came up to me and says, ‘Champion.’ And that’s something I really always felt great – that he gave me that respect. The younger guys always respect the old champions. And Mike always did a good job with that. The first time I met Mike was at the Convention Center in Atlantic City in 1989. Mike comes up to me and gives me a big hug. Next thing I know about 300 people start coming around me. Hey Bramble, Can you get him to do an interview? I said, Listen, the guy’s just respectin’ me for being a champion. But they thought we were really close buddies. I felt so bad how is life had turned out but boxing could do it to the best of us.”

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