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War of Words: Adamek vs. Maddalone

Posted on 12/06/2010
Vinny Maddalone and Tomasz Adamek are two ultimate gladiators who don’t need to use words or psychological warfare to gain any edges in their fights. They’d rather battle and compete and earn their advantages the old fashioned, hard way – by way of pure actions.
At Monday’s final press conference at Global Boxing Gym in Hudson County, N.J. a few meaningful words were spoken by the participants…
Joe DeGuardia (promoter):  “I was in France last week and three people came up to me and asked about Vinny boxing Adamek, and they all said it’s like a Rocky vs. Rocky fight. Then I get here today and I hear two more people say this is a Rocky vs. Rocky fight. That’s what it is, it’s going to be a great fight.”
Nirmal Loric (Maddalone trainer):  “Sometimes boxers have bad nights. I hope Tomasz has a bad night. Vinny has worked very hard for this fight. He has the abilities to be a world champion. It’s going to be a great fight.”
Vinny Maddalone: ” I’m ready to go and really just looking forward to putting on a great show come Thursday night.  I have put a lot of work in at the gym, approximately fourteen weeks of training for this fight.  As I always do I am going to give everything I have and leave it all in the ring come fight night.  Tomasz is a great champion and I know that he is going to be coming ready to fight and ready to go to war.  For everyone in attendance and for everyone else watching at home on TV, I promise you that you are going to see one heck of a fight come December 9th.”
Roger Bloodworth (Adamek trainer): “We have a lot of respect for Vinny and we are expecting a tough fight this Thursday and for that we have trained very hard.  Like Joe (DeGuardia) said earlier, this fight is Heart vs. Heart, you have two guys who are going to leave everything they have in the ring.  Everyone watching this fight is in for a real treat, that I much can promise you.”
Tomasz Adamek:  “I’m ready. I’m ready for the fight.  I’m excited to be returning to the Prudential Center.  I have been training really hard with Roger (Bloodworth) and I feel like I’m getting better and better and learning more everyday.  I know that Vinny and I are going to make a really great fight and I invite everyone to come out and enjoy it with us this Thursday night.”

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