Victor Ortiz: “I’m Ready to Prove Again Why I Belong in the Top-Elite”

by Hans Olson

Boxing Insider caught up with “Vicious” Victor Ortiz this weekend to discuss his upcoming fight with Andre Berto, drug testing, and much more!

Photos By Gene Blevins/Hoganphotos

Boxing Insider: Hey Victor, how’s it going?

Victor Ortiz: “It’s going well! It’s going good, how are you?”

Boxing Insider: Good! So can you tell me how training camp has been going so far?

Victor Ortiz: “Training camp is never easy. I wish it were, but it’s actually not. So as far as that goes, I’m ready to prove again why I belong in the top-elite in the 147 lb division on February 11th.”

Boxing Insider: Now coming off of such a big mega-fight against Floyd Mayweather with the press-tour and everything, is there somewhat of a letdown going into a fight that’s not on that level? It’s still obviously a big fight, but it’s not a mega-fight like a Floyd fight. What are you doing to deal with not being in the same spotlight, so to say, that you were in your last fight?

Victor Ortiz: “I don’t mind it. At the end of it all, there’s a ring, there’s ropes, and there’s an opponent. So it’s the same thing.”

Boxing Insider: I know you’re looking forward to Berto and you’re not thinking back…but can you share some of your thoughts looking at the whole incident with Floyd?

Victor Ortiz: “I have no comment on Floyd or anything in the past. I’m just thinking about my coming fight, and that’s what it is.”

Boxing Insider: Ok. So what’s going to be different this time against Berto? You went down a couple times in the first fight. What are you going to do to avoid the shots that he was able to catch you with?

Victor Ortiz: “I went down once. The referee called a false knockdown; the first one. So if anyone should be worried, it should be Berto, because now I’m a full 147.”

Boxing Insider: Going into the last fight with Berto you had so much fire, you had something to prove. Do you feel just as much fire this time around?

Victor Ortiz: “Definitely. I’m definitely ready. I won’t be counted out. No matter how well I do or anything, at the end of the day I’m going to do whatever. I’m ready.”

Boxing Insider: So what else have you been up to since we last saw you? How has life been outside of the ring?

Victor Ortiz: “Well, not much has changed. I’m still the same guy, that’s it. You know, just taking it day by day. I’m just trying to become something in this world.”

Boxing Insider: You’re doing Olympic-style drug testing for this fight as well. What’s your opinion on Olympic-style drug testing? Does it bother you at all? Is it annoying?

Victor Ortiz: “It doesn’t bother me one bit. I know I’m a clean fighter. I don’t need any substances to beat someone, so at the same time…I don’t find it a big deal…”

Boxing Insider: Is your team going to be the same for this fight? Same everything?

Victor Ortiz: “Yeah definitely. I love my team.”

Boxing Insider: Finally, do you have anything else to say to all the fans out there? What can we expect from Victor Ortiz in 2012?

Victor Ortiz: “I don’t really have a whole lot to say…just expect another win!”

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