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U.S. Boxer Explains Floyd’s Modus Operandi

The truth is like a breath of fresh air after all the pollution we have endured from the disgraceful Mayweather team for the last four years. To read or hear the truth is a beautiful, wonderful thing, after having to suffer through all the ugly lies and deceptions from Al Haymon, Floyd Mayweather, Ellerbe, Schaefer and Oscar.

Here is the truth about Floyd Mayweather from a not-yet famous American boxer who I will tell you about later…

“I feel Mayweather’s whole game is off mental intimidation, kind of like Muhammad Ali,” says the American boxer. “And what he was doing was he was actually trying to bully a fight with Manny Pacquiao. But he’s waited too long. And the longer he waited, he got to see what Pacquiao is able to do. He watched Pacquiao fight fighters he didn’t want to get in the ring with – and fight fighters he did get in the ring with but he destroyed them in a way that Floyd didn’t. Mayweather took De La Hoya to a split decision. De La Hoya wasn’t in shape for that fight. And if you YouTube their 24/7, De La Hoya says right there on the 24/7, he’s doing something for his wife to get brownie points. And all men know what thats means – he’s having sex during training. So he fought a De La Hoya who just got in the ring for the money. And fought him to a split decision. An old De La Hoya.”

“So Pacquiao gets in the ring – they can say De La Hoya was dehydrated or whatever – De La Hoya is one of the smartest boxers – he knew what he was doing. He got in the ring and right there in that ring, Freddie Roach told Pacquiao, Change the gameplan, go straight at him. We’re gonna get him. And he stopped him. Then he goes out there and just crushes Ricky Hatton. And lays him out on the Rock Star sign. Ricky Hatton had Mayweather moving around for, what, 10 rounds? Mayweather didn’t want to fight Ricky Hatton, he kept waiting till he got exposed. Once he got exposed by the same fighter who beat Andre Berto and they robbed him (Luis Collazo). He always got robbed. He beat Ricky Hatton, he buckled Ricky Hatton. That’s when Mayweather said, I’ll take that fight.”

“I feel as though Mayweather will not fight nobody unless he has the advantage. He knows Pacquiao is a small guy but he’s stronger. He knows Pacquiao has power. So what he did was do what he did to all those other fighters – get in their head, make them wait. And actually, I think he was hoping somebody like Miguel Cotto would beat him – so the public wouldn’t want to see that fight any more. It put more fear into Mayweather’s heart because Mayweather has to see that. Like Freddie Roach said, I let everybody see our sparring sessions because we want to put fear in whoever Manny fights. When they’re sparring, they’re training for knockouts.”

When Mayweather saw – not only what Manny Pacquiao did to Miguel Cotto, but he took a tough Miguel Cotto left hook – he buckled off that left hook and he tapped them gloves together and told that boy, Come on. And beat him up. Beat him up.”

(Color pencil drawing of “Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto” is by Artist John Paul Raloto.)

“Now you got Pacquiao looking at Margarito. Why is that gonna happen? And that’s gonna put more fear in Mayweather’s heart. Margarito starts slow, has no speed, no defense. That lil boy gonna stop that man.”

I ask our obviously well-schooled and intelligent boxer what does he think is next for Mayweather? Maybe Berto or Williams?

“He might fight Berto because he’ll beat Berto,” he says with a tone of certainty. “Berto has no feet, he stands like a duck. He has no feet. Of course he’ll take that fight. I say Berto is a C + almost B fighter. I seen him lose to Collazo. I seen him get dropped. I don’t think he should go past three round with Mayweather, that should be a sparring session.”

I ask our friend if he can imagine any way that Mayweather can beat Pacquiao?

“Yeah,” he answers before pausing. “If Mayweather trains as hard as – and Pacquiao breaks both his hands before the fight [smiles]. That’s how I see him beating him. Other than that, no. If they both train at their A game, Pacquiao’s gonna stop him. Mayweather’s style of fighting is to beat right-handed fighters. He had problems with Sharmba Mitchell but he beat him – (Mitchell was) washed up. He had problems with Chop Chop – Chop Chop hurt him in the fight. Zab dropped Mayweather, Zab gave Mayweather hell for the first four rounds. His style is not really for southpaw fighters. I believe if Zab was a disciplined fighter, trains at his hardest, did what he’s supposed to do, he’d a beat Mayweather that night. But he ran out of gas like Mayweather said weeks before: ‘We all know what’s gonna happen. Zab is a front-runner. We all know that front-runners eat you up in the beginning of the fight.’ I don’t even believe Mayweather is beating these fighters down – he’s training a lot harder. So he’s able to last longer.”

The boxer who has shared this fascinatingly blunt analysis is Richard Pierson, a 29-year-old middleweight prospect from Paterson, NJ. Pierson was the former sparring partner of Tomasz Adamek and Kelly Pavlik before each of his Jermain Taylor fights. At the time, Pavlik stated to the “Herald News” newspaper that Pierson had the qualities to become middleweight champion. But Pierson has had problems with his management and securing fights and has lost two short-notice fights to Don Mouton and Derrick Findley since turning pro in 2005.

Pierson, an intelligent, disciplined, 6-ft, 1-in tall, speedy and physically strong middleweight fighter, has gotten his career back on track to some degree – his last fight was a TKO 1 win over unbeaten 5-0 prospect Reynaldo Rodriguez on ESPN earlier this year, though he still is without a promoter or manager and struggling to get fights. He was scheduled to be on the Adamek-Grant undercard but his undefeated opponent has pulled out.

Richard Pierson at the Global Boxing Gym in North Bergen, NJ.

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