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Tyson Fury On Deontay Wilder’s Refusal To Answer Questions: “It Shows How Much Of A P*ssy He Is”

By: Hans Themistode

For the first time in seemingly forever, Deontay Wilder went into a press conference and refused to say much of anything. The Alabama native came face to face with Tyson Fury for the first time since being handed a seventh-round stoppage defeat in February of 2020.

Under normal circumstances, Wilder is loquacious with the media. This time around, the former WBC heavyweight titlist refused to answer questions during their press conference yesterday afternoon. But while Wilder later revealed that there is no need to talk to Fury after sharing numerous press conferences with him, Fury believes Wilder’s refusal to talk speaks volumes.

“It shows how weak of a mental person he is and how much a beating from the last fight has took an emotional and physical effect on his life,” said Fury. “I was worried about Deontay Wilder for quite a while after the defeat that I gave him. Obviously, he’s doing his little thing with his earphones on and doesn’t want to answer any questions.”

From there, Fury then proceeded to go back and forth with Wilder’s trainer, Malik Scott. While Wilder was still mostly quiet, Scott refused to allow Fury to simply rant on and on about his fighter in his presence and attempted to defend him to the best of his capabilities. Still, during the entire ordeal, Wilder sat stone-faced with his headphones in as he ignored the drama that was happening around him.

Immediately following the theatrics, Wilder and Fury moved on to a face-off that lasted well over five minutes. With neither man refusing to move an inch, both team Wilder, as well as team Fury and a bevy of security guards, separated the two. As Wilder walked past the numerous media members that were in attendance, Fury took the time to stop and answer all questions that were thrown in his direction.

Throughout it all, while Fury couldn’t care less that Wilder refused to talk to him or most of the media. After listening to the Alabama product spout for years on end that he would knock Fury out but failed to do so on two separate occasions, Fury believes that the nonstop questions from media members would have annoyed Wilder to no end.

“It shows how much of a p*ssy he is. He couldn’t take what the media was going to say.”

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