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Tyson Fury: “Malik Scott’s A B*tch And So Is Deontay Wilder, You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”

Posted on 05/06/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Former WBC heavyweight titlist Deontay Wilder was mostly quiet following his stunning seventh-round stoppage defeat at the hands of Tyson Fury in February of 2020. The Alabama native may have been a man of few words but behind the scenes, he was busy making changes.

Shortly following his defeat, he canned now former, co-trainer Mark Breland and has seemingly pushed Malik Scott to the forefront of that position. Recently, Wilder released a video of himself and Scott working on combination punching and his defensive movement. Wilder’s workout video has received close to one million views on his Instagram account. Amongst those who tuned in to see what Wilder has been working on is Fury. Needless to say, Fury believes Wilder’s new training regimen is a complete waste of time.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” said Fury during an interview with

Presently, Fury is deep in negotiations with unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. Both sides are hoping to finalize a two-fight deal that would see them matchup once sometime in the Summer and then again later on this year.

Yet, if Wilder has anything to say about it, Fury will be forced to step inside the ring with him instead. After coming up short in 2020, Wilder immediately enacted his rematch clause. Both sides were given a certain amount of time to work out a deal and face off against one another. However, due to Wilder undergoing surgery on his left bicep, their contest was postponed. To make matters worse, COVID-19 prevented fans from attending any sporting events until just recently, making their immediate rematch even more complex to make.

While Wilder simply wanted more time, Fury elected to move on to a possible showdown with Joshua. In an effort to stop their contest from taking place, Wilder has sought legal action and both sides are now currently waiting on the decision of an arbitrator.

Regardless of the final verdict, Fury insists that he has no issue with fighting Wilder, Joshua, or anyone else for that matter. In fact, if the boxing commissions will allow him, he’ll take on Wilder and his newfound trainer on the same night.

“Malik Scott’s a b*tch and so is Deontay Wilder. I’ll fight both of them, one after the other on the same night. Smack them around like little p*ssies. I’m open to all fights. All the heavyweights out there, champions and nonchampions alike. There’s heavyweight boxing and there’s the Gypsy King boxing and I’m lightyears ahead of these motherf*ckers.”

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