Two Respected Insiders Say March 13 Date Is OFF

First, it was George Peterson, the trainer and manager of Paul Williams, who responded two weeks ago to a question asking his opinion on the Pacquiao-Mayweather match, by answering, “It isn’t gonna happen. It isn’t gonna happen. Some fights weren’t mean to be made.”

Next, none other than Bernard Hopkins, revealed in a interview with Greg Leon, with an offhand remark that his inside source told him the March 13 date would be likely be canceled.

The interesting connection here is that both George Peterson and Bernard Hopkins have direct ties to Al Haymon, the advisor of Floyd Mayweather. Peterson and Haymon are partners in guiding the career of Williams, while Hopkins has stated on the record he is “friends” with Haymon. Hopkins’ most recent fight was against Ornelas, who is the brother of Haymon client Librado Andrade.

Could Haymon have divulged insider information to Peterson and Hopkins, which both inadvertantly leaked to the media?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned…

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