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Tony Thompson Stuns Fans Again By Stopping David Price

Posted on 07/06/2013

By Chris Cella

In a repeat of the heavyweight showdown between hard hitters Tony “The Tiger” Thompson (37-3, 25 KO) and David Price (15-1, 13 KO) this past February, a fight which Thompson stopped Price in the second round, Thompson looked to prove that his knockout of the prospect Price wasn’t just a fluke and that he is still a legit contender at the age of 41.

DC fighter Thompson again flew across the pond to do battle in Price’s backyard of the UK, and started off the first round with a smirk which gleamed with confidence, while Price appeared tentative and ready to ease his way into the fight to get back to action and put the knockout behind him.

Price quickly got his bearing back in the second round and found his rhythm and timing, hurting Price with 47 seconds left in the round, and putting him to the canvas just before the end of the round with a short overhand right to Thompson’s temple. Thompson was able to get to his feet with a second to spare, and escaped the round.

Thompson entered the ring wearing a “True Warrior” t-shirt, and he lived up to it through the first few rounds. He more than proved that his early knockout in their last meeting wasn’t a knockout. Again in the third he was hurt by Price, but kept his feet under him and continued to battle back, making a street fight out of it.

While fight fans of the heavyweight division haven’t had much to get excited about as of recent, Price and Thompson put on a show as they let their hands go and went to war like a couple of welterweights. Just as it appeared Thompson was one or to blows away from getting put down, he dug deep and countered with a few combinations of his own to let Price know he was still in the fight and a viable threat.

Price had Thompson on the ropes early and the fight, and couldn’t pull the trigger to finish the job. Thompson entered the fifth round showing like a true experienced veteran, being kept in the fight and seemingly getting stronger.

Thompson hurt Price halfway through the round, and it was the beginning of the end for David Price, who couldn’t do anything but become a human punching bag being battered across the ring. He was given a standing 8 count, and after the referee saw the blank look in his eyes, stopped the fight to stop the fighter from taking any more punishment.

41-year old Tony “The Tiger” Thompson showed he has the heart of a warrior and did what he had to do, survive the storms Price threw his way, and when given the openings took advantage of them.

This will undoubtedly be a heart-breaking loss for Price, who will have to do some severe soul-searching before he continues on with his career. He had the fight in the palm of his hands, and couldn’t do what champions do—seal the deal.

Hats off to both warriors for putting on a heck of a show for boxing fans. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for both boxers.

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