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Tomasz Adamek Evaluates Heavyweight Division

Posted on 06/21/2010

Tomasz Adamek has already started his training camp in Jersey City, NJ for upcoming August date with Michael Grant. After an afternoon training session with his buddy David Tua, the quietly confident Adamek took time out to discuss and share some insightful comments about the major players in today’s heavyweight division.

Wladimir Klitschko: “He’s champion. You are champion, you are the best. But now I’m #4 (IBF), I want to be champion. I will next year.”

Vitali Klitschko: “He’s champion too, WBC. He’s not young but he’s champion. Every fight I’m going up. My dream next year is to be three-category champion – never before been – before me – a champion in three category – light heavyweight, cruiserweight and heavyweight. I will first.”

David Haye: “I’m ready for a fight with Haye. But nobody contact Ziggy (Adamek manager Rozalski). But I think this year after Grant I will make eliminator and I get title fight.”

Nikolay Valuev: “He’s a good boxer too. When I met in Warsaw with him he said he didn’t want to get fight with like my height, and with Haye. He said we are not comfortable to fight. He said to me – we were talking, we were at premier for movie in Warsaw, he is actor. He tell me – a guy from newspaper ask him if he want to make fight with Tomasz – he said, No. Not comfortable with fight. I want a fight with Klitschko, tall guy. We are too small and quick.”

Alexander Povetkin: “I think he has fight with Wladimir Klitschko now. I wish him and Wladimir good fight. Better man should win. But Povetkin has good chance to be champion. I wish him good fight.”

Samuel Peter: “It would be an interesting fight.”

Odlanier Solis: “Good boxer too. I don’t know if he has fight (scheduled) now. Everybody in top 10 of heavyweight division is good boxer. But the smartest are champion.”

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