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Tomasz Adamek Blasts Out Maddalone, Title Quest Continues

Posted on 12/10/2010
Tomasz Adamek performed another impressive heavyweight triumph by dominating and destroying tough New Yorker Vinny Maddalone with a fifth-round KO.
It was another all-around impressive night of work by Adamek who continues to show he is the most exciting and marketable heavyweight in the United States, having attracted over 8,200 enthusiastic and vocal fans to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on a frigid cold winter Thursday night.
But Adamek is a red-hot commodity in the heavyweight market. He will earn great rewards by taking on one of the champions next year – either of the Klitschko brothers or David Haye which would be the most appealing heavyweight match-up of all, that can be made at this time.
Adamek was sharp and explosive in beating Maddalone, upping his pro record to 43-1 (28 KO’s). Maddalone (33-7, 24) was tough and game and was able to connect on some powerful blows of his own but for an analogy, this duel resembled the slashing claws of a vicious cat against a blindfolded dog.
Maddalone had high praise for Adamek after. “I fought with the big boxers. I fought with Mormeck, Boytsov, Holyfield. This is the top performance I’ve seen. It was an A+ performance. His power is what I expected – nothing special – he had a good gameplan, he worked the body, he went upstairs. He outboxed me in every aspect. He had really quick hands, I’m really surprised how quick his hands were tonight. It’s not the punch power, it’s the accumulation of punches that he throws. It takes a wear on guys. He saw the opening when I threw the overhand right and he caught me. Thats’s all it takes.”
Adamek:  “I want to fight anybody. (I’m a) warrior. I’m quicker than everybody. I train with Roger next year, go up, go up, to title fights. I will be world champion.”
I asked one educated ringmaster, the former IBF Cruiserweight champion Al Cole if he thinks Adamek has a good chance to beat the Klitschkos?  “The Klitschkos are fighthing guys that don’t move. Shannon Briggs was hurt. Kevin Johnson and Eddie Chambers can’t crack an egg. Adamek is not a big puncher but he can punch as you see, he has speed which is power. The Klitschkos can punch. They can punch. But Adamek is not gonna stand there so they can punch him. He’s going to move. It’s gonna be if Adamek can take their power. I sparred with Wladimir and when I started to put pressure on him, he started to hug me like I was his wife. If Adamek can move and find a way to put pressure on him, he has a chance. Adamek is a serious threat to any heavyweight, he puts his punches together and he has speed and speed is power.”

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