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Tim Bradley Interview: “If it’s going to be a war I’m ready for it!”

Posted on 06/23/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

Timothy Bradley Jr. Held a media workout at the world renown Fortune gym in Los Angeles California, ran by Justin Fortune, legendary trainer/conditioning coach of Manny Pacquiao fame. Timothy Bradley Jr. took some time aside with right before he stepped into the ring and put on display his skills and ability for us to see as he prepares for Jessie Vargas on June 27th at the StubHub center in Carson, California brought to you by HBO and Top Rank promotions.

Bradley “Bradley, last time you where at the StubHub center you found yourself in a fight of the year candidate. What do you have to do in this situation so that doesn’t happen again?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “If it’s fight of the year, it’s fight of the year. It is what is you know. There’s nothing you can do about it man. Sometimes you have a thought in your mind, a plan it’s doesn’t go your way. Things happen during the fight. You get injured, you get a thumb in the eye. Things change man so I don’t know how to explain. You just have to be ready for whatever. If it’s going to be a war I’m ready for it. Twelve hard rounds I’m ready for it” “This is a young undefeated up and coming fighter being build as the next superstar. Is this a must win situation for you?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “Every fight is a must win situation for me. There’s no fight that’s less like, I don’t really need to win this fight. Every fights is a win situation for me” “Is it a mistake that (Jessie) Vargas switched trainers this late in camp? He went from Roy Jone Jr. to Erik Morales. Would you do something like that this late in camp?” (Roy Jones Jr. was by Jessie Vargas side during the press conferences in the beginning of the month. As of late pictures have surfaced where former world champion boxer now turned trainer is by Jessie Vargas side in training)


Timothy Bradley Jr: “No. I would never do anything like that but I think probably Vargas was maybe possibly forced and he had to do it for whatever reason. So if he changed trainers it’s for a reason I don’t think it’s because he didn’t like the way Roy did things” “This Saturday there’s a big fight. (Adrien) Broner vs (Shawn) Porter, would you like to face the winner of that fight if that fight can be made?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “Listen man, I’ll fight anybody, anybody. I don’t have to say I’ll fight Broner or fight Porter or fight this guy or that guy. I’ll fight any of these guys. Any of them” “In boxing your known as one of the hardest working individuals. Tell me a little bit of what it took your dad to instill that training regimen in you and around what age did you realize it was going to take that kind of hard work to be successful in boxing?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “My dad has an unbelievable work ethic and he always has ever since I’ve known my father. Ever since I use to see my father all the time going to the gym working out doing push-ups, sit-ups I use to follow my father around and watch him workout. He’s so consistent working out it just rubbed off on me. Doing the sport (boxing) my dad always use to tell me, you just don’t want to do the sport, you want to be the best at it. So you have to work, you have to train and that’s the only way you get better. He instilled in me at a young age that hard work, dedicating myself to whatever it is. Whether if it was to be able to spit the furthest, I’m going to learn how to out spit everybody. You know what I’m saying? So that’s just how it went. The neighborhood I grew up in I have to contribute that as well. I grew up in a tough neighborhood. I was always the smallest guy out there because I was short but I had a big heart. I developed that in the neighborhood. Kids picked on me and then it’s on. That’s just how I was raised, come on let’s fight let’s go at it. So I contribute to the neighborhood I grew up at. My father raising me to be tough. Hard work pays off it’s all about hard work. That’s how you get better” “Your very family oriented. You keep your family around you. Tell me about what it takes to balance the family side of Bradley and then the boxing career side of Bradley?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “It’s hard man. It’s hard it’s so hard because I am a family guy and I don’t know if you’ve seen me in between fights. I’ll blow up to 175lbs, 180lbs you know. I’m having barbecues with the family. I’m out eating McDonald’s with the kids, eating ice cream. I’m doing it all. It’s like I call myself an extremist. If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it that’s just plain and simple. If I’m going to drink, I’m going to drink until I fall (media laughs). That’s just it, you know what I’m saying? With that being said when I’m relaxed and I’m off, I’m off. I’m not thinking about boxing. I’m not thinking about running. We’re going to have a good time. We’re going to the beach today kids. We’re going to McDonalds. We’re going over here you know what I mean? I’m enjoying my life so it’s really hard to find that balance where I can stay at a comfortable weight. Where I can still spend time with my kids and family. I’m still learning as an individual with myself how to do that so when I find that key it’s like, Hey Tim if you don’t stay in shape your going to have to retire soon and I’m sure that’s the reason I’m going to retire early because I don’t take care of myself in between fights. I know that’s my biggest down fall but that’s like my only down fall. I don’t party I don’t drink I don’t do nothing. I stay with my family I don’t tax my body but honestly the only way I do it is I eat. I love to eat. That’s the only down fall and down side I see but it’s very hard to balance the family time and the training and the wife time you know. I have five kids it’s no joke” “I see you sporting that tattoo I think that’s new and is that your only tattoo? Tell me the significance of your tattoo?” (Timothy Bradley Jr has a new cross tattoo on the inside of his right forearm)

Timothy Bradley Jr: “It’s a cross. It represents my father. This is actually a cover up tattoo. It’s one of those nights when I was a lot younger and dumb, hanging out. Your with a young lady. You say some stupid things and you end up putting the initials on you (media laughs) and you think she’s the only thing in life because your stupid, young, dumb. You live and you learn. This is pretty much a cover up. Had her initials right here (points) you can’t tell what it is. I can’t even tell what it is because it’s so damn dark but there where initials there. I turned it into a cross. I had one of my homeboys do it right out of the gym actually” “Was that decision you and your wife made together or you just thought you owed her?”

Timothy Bradley Jr: “My wife’s been trying to get me to do that for the longest time (media laughs) and I finally broke down because I’m a weakling when it comes to tattoos (media laughs). I don’t like that pain. That ain’t no joke. Seating there getting this ink and you gotta go numb so you don’t feel it”

Photos: Chris Farina/Top Rank

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