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The Mayweather – Marquez Farce

Posted on 09/20/2009

I had the pleasure of watching the Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez mismatch in the company of an International Boxing Hall Of Fame member. And this veteran’s comments throughout the evening provide an honest and appraisal of the show, as this man has been around the sport and the major players involved in it for several decades…

During Cornelius Lock fight:

“These fights are bad for boxing. People don’t want to pay $50 to sit and wait through fights like this before the main event. Unbelievable we have to watch this for 24 rounds.”

“They’re (the sport in general) killing themselves. HBO better wake up.”

Most of the party skips the John-Juarez match…

During the Mexican and American anthems before the ring entrances of Mayweather and Marquez:

“There’s no feeling of a big fight at all.”

“It sounds hollow.”

After Round two:

“They could stop this fight right now and let ’em go home.”

Round three:

The “fight” is so boring, all that can positively be said is: “Mayweather’s got good trunks on.”

Round five:

“What a boring exhibition. Jesus Christ. One guy trying to show how much better he is, the other not doing anything.”

Round seven: “What’s he cheering about?” As P Diddy stands up to cheer Mayweather’s boxing, while Ross Greenburg and Kery Davis, seated behind him, looked bored beyond belief, almost embarrassed.

Round eight: “There’s an exchange and I saw someone yawning in the front row.”

Round ten: “Mayweather should retire.”

Post fight: “What a terrible night. Quarter to one (12:45 am). Ridiculous. Nothing happened. Boxing just keeps going down and down and down.”

“He’s gotta fight somebody he can lose to. He was clowning in there tonight. It’s really disgusting people have to pay for that.”

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