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The Latest Lie of Floyd Mayweather

Posted on 10/10/2010

Floyd Mayweather is a pathological liar who will say or do just about anything to make himself look good or wiggle himself out of a jam. The latest lie out of the mouth of Floyd Mayweather is about why he avoided Antonio Margarito four years ago.

Let me refresh your memory: In 2006 when Bob Arum was trying to force a reluctant Floyd to fight Margarito, Floyd used various excuses to duck and dodge Margarito, such as: He wouldn’t do business with Arum, Margarito wasn’t a big enough draw, boxing fans didn’t even know who Margarito was, Margarito had five losses, Margarito didn’t deserve to fight him, Margarito wasn’t a household name, Margarito’s resume was unimpressive, it wasn’t a smart business decision, he didn’t pick his name out of the hat, his team called all the shots out of the ring – he calls em in the ring, etc.

While desperately trying to duck Margarito with all his excuses and reasons in 2006, Floyd did not once ever insinuate or imply that Margarito was a cheater. But last week on Sirius Radio Shade 45 with DJ Whoo Kid, Mayweather revised his own duck tales and claimed he tried his best to alert the boxing world that Margarito was a cheater and that’s the main reason why the fight didn’t take place in August or November of 2006…

“A lot of people must realize this, a lot of people wanted to see me and Antonio Margarito fight at one particular time (2006) and they said I was duckin’ and dodgin’ Antonio Margarito,” said Mayweather last week on the air. “Now this is the same guy that was cheating and I told the world that there was something funny going on with Antonio Margarito. Come to find out that this guy was cheating and beating opponents with casts in his gloves.”

“And then I told all the fans before that Shane Mosley was on enhancement drugs and on steroids and they said, No, that’s not true. Come to find out he was on steroids and enhancement drugs. Then and telling the people right now that Pacquiao is…I’m not saying Pacquiao is on nothing, I never said Pacquiao was on something. The only thing I’m saying is this, if I’m cheating or he’s cheating, then we’re cheating the fans, so let’s show the fans that the sport of boxing is clean. Let us both take the tests. I’m not duckin’ or dodgin’ nobody, but once again, every time I beat an opponent, they’re gonna either say he was too small, too slow or too old. Like I said before, Antonio Margarito was cheating, so him and Pacquiao…I can’t see how you even give a guy like Antonio Margarito a license. He was beating opponents with casts. One shot in this sport can end your whole career.”

“All I gotta say is this…You can’t stop God’s work. God makes everything happen for a reason. Floyd Mayweather is 41-0 and the king of the sport because that’s what God wants. Don’t be mad. God has blessed me with a talent. They trippin’ about the situation that went on in Vegas; all of this is about a iPhone…”

That’s the latest lie from Floyd Mayweather. But stay tuned, knowing the way this fraud and his team of protectors operate, there will be many more to come. And I will expose them for you.

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