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The Evander Holyfield Oil Painting

Every painting has some kind of beginning and an eventual end. The idea to paint a portrait of former Heavyweight Champion and future Hall of Famer Evander Holyfield came from a young boxing enthusiast named Charles White who lives near Seattle, Washington. Charles has aspiration of being a professional boxing trainer one day. He contacted me about doing a portrait of Holyfield and supplied a photo which he made very clear was the image he wanted me to paint. Once I saw that image, I knew I had the potential to produce a great painting right at my finger tips.

The photo was of professional quality, taken in a studio with perfect lighting, so it made my job fairly easy. All I had to do was paint what my eye saw. Charles wanted to see developmental photos of the painting as it progressed. I supplied him with those photos to whet his appetite and after a few images that I sent, he was starving to see the final product.

As with every project I undertake, you can always count on some headaches as certain areas are a struggle. This painting of Evander Holyfield fell into place like clockwork. It was a pleasure to do.

But more importantly, was hearing the reaction from Charles, once the painting was completed…”Oh my God! What can I say!”

He was speechless.

For me, that is what makes my creation of artwork all worth while. Knowing that something that I produced with my hand, eye and mind can bring such joy to someone.

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