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The Biofile Get 2 Know Audley Harrison

Status: Heavyweight challenger takes on WBA champ David Haye on November 13 in London. 2000 Olympic gold medalist. Record is 27-4 (20 KO’s).

Ht: 6-5 Wt: 250

DOB: October 26, 1971 In: London, England

Boxing Inspirations: “Marvin Hagler, Muhummad Ali. Myself – I mean, I’ve always been a big hero for myself. I’ve always had people who inspired me. I get inspired every day – mothers who look after their children. You know what I mean? Firemen. I get inspired by different stories every day.”

Hobbies/Interests: “I have no hobbies or interests outside of boxing now.”

Nickname: A-Force.

Early Boxing Memory: “Staying up all night watching Rocky movies. I used to be fascinated by the Rocky movies. (How did you start in boxing?) A friend dragged me to the gym when I was 19 and the first time I walked in there I was a natural. I could throw a natural jab, a natural cross. I knew I could become a master at this sport.”

Favorite Meal: “Jerk chicken.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Don’t eat ice cream.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “Thinking about the gameplan. We sit down and look at the video of the opponent. We break his style down. And all we do before the fight is concentrate on the ten points of victory. So all I’m focusing on – there’s no nerves – I’m totally calm, totally confident. And all I focus on is my key points to victory. From the technical, physical, psychological and tactical point of view. (Do you look in his eyes upon entering the ring?) Yeah, definitely, look him right in the eye. I look right in his eyes. This tells me what his soul’s all about. I mean, you’ve got to look in his eyes. ‘Cause if I look in your eyes, I can tell what you’re about. I can look in your eyes and tell what you’re about [smiles].”

First Job: “Packer in supermarket in London.”

First Car: “A gray Ford Escort.”

Funny Boxing Memory: “Fighting in my pro debut (Ko 1 Michael Middleton in 2001) and almost falling down the stairs as I was running up the stairs to get in the ring [smiles]. And having been seen on camera (BBC1).”

Favorite Movie: “Scarface.”

Favorite Music: “R&B, hip-hop, swing, soul, rap.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Olympic gold medal. Winning the title (2000 in Sydney, Australia). The night before the final, I received a fax: ‘From one Olympic champion to another – respect. Lennox Lewis.’ I pinned it to my wall. It came at just the right time and it gave the kick to get me into the zone. And once I’m in the zone, it doesn’t matter who I’m fighting. I know I’m going to be victorious.”

Worst Injury: “Shattered knuckle. Ruptured tendon in my knuckle (in first Olympic match vs. Russian favorite Alexei Lezin which he won by 3rd round KO via left cross). The tendon poppled, the knuckle hood ruptured and the ligament tore. I couldn’t even make a proper fist. It was killing me. But I said, I ain’t going home without the gold medal. I went through pain barriers to get that gold. Learn to love adversity and you’ll learn to love life.”

Favorite Boxers To Watch: “Jack Johnson. Muhammad Ali. Sugar Ray Robinson. Joe Louis. Keep going…Rocky Marciano. George Foreman. Lennox Lewis – is the nearest thing to me as my idol. He’s won everything there is to possibly win.”

Childhood Dreams: “To be where I am today – on the verge of becoming champion of the world.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Spirit. Determination. Heart. Desire. Integrity. Class.”

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