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The “10 Commandments” of a Boxing Gym

Posted on 11/19/2018

By Ricky Ray Taylor

– – – –

1. Honor Thy Coach.
Do not curse at, disobey, disrespect, aggravate, back talk, slap box with, or shadow box with the trainer.

2. Never Forget Your Mouthpiece.
Always be ready to box.

3. Put Your Stuff Up.
Do not leave wraps, gloves, shoes, mouthpiece, cups, headgear, or anything else on the floor for someone else to pick up – do it yourself.

4. No Profane Outbursts.
Nobody cares how you feel. Keep it to yourself.

5. Compose Yourself as a Champion at All Times.
No lying on the floor, hugging the heavy bags, running around the gym, or pursuing any other end which does not constitute the means of becoming a champion.

6. No Food in the Boxing Ring.
The boxing ring is for fighting, not eating.

7. Do Not Offer Unsolicited Advice to Another Trainer’s Fighter.
Ask the trainer if it is okay to speak with his/her fighter beforehand.

8. Know the Difference Between Sparring and Fighting.
Sparring: looking to improve.
Fighting: going in for the kill.

9. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings.
Do not jump rope by the bags.
Refrain from doing floor exercises where people are working.
Leave the ring if fighters need to spar.

10. Follow Gym Etiquette
Change clothes in the dressing room.
Place wet gear where it belongs.
Do not encroach into someone’s space.
Report broken/downed bags or accessories.
No fighting/sparring outside of the ring.
– – – –

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