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Team Margarito Ready If Floyd Dodges Pacquiao

As the sporting world waits to see what happens with the secret negotiations between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, there is one man waiting patiently in the wings. Antonio Margarito has been named as a likely opponent for Pacquiao for later this year if Mayweather elects to retire again or handpick an easier option than Pacquiao. spoke with Margarito manager Sergio Diaz about the situation…

BoxingInsider: I’m hearing through the grapevine there is possibility it could be Tony vs. Manny next, possibly in Dodger Stadium.

Sergio Diaz: No, none of this is true. The Pacquiao vs Mayweather negotiations are still ongoing at this time.

BoxingInsider: Is that a fight that interests Team Margarito [smile]?

Sergio Diaz: There is definitely interest in this fight.

BoxingInsider: Also, what do you and Tony both think about the Pacquiao-Floyd whole mess? Who does Tony think would win Floyd or Pac?

Sergio Diaz: We personally don’t think about it. It is what it is. No sense in being upset about having to wait for a decision. Antonio says it will be a tough one for both fighters. Mayweather is the bigger fighter who frustrates his opponents with his boxing. Manny is also quick and strong, but will his mind only be on Mayweather now that he is a congressman?

BoxingInsider: That’s a good point. Team Margarito went through the experience of being avoided by Floyd, do you sense the duck is coming from Floyd regarding Pac, despite the huge money on the table? Would you be shocked if Floyd dodged Pacquiao?

Sergio Diaz: This might be the case. I’ve always heard that keeping the ‘0’ has always been important for Mayweather. Antonio says, ‘For that amount of money, Manny should take the exams.’ At the same time he says, ‘For that amount of money, Floyd should drop the issue of the exams.’ I’m not shocked, there is a tug a war between two fighters who want to feel they got better of the other.

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