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Tapia: Mayweather and The Rest “Should Be Scared” of Pacquiao

There are desperate attempts by some boxing entities in the United States to cover up the truth that Floyd Mayweather is scared to death of being brutally knocked out and having his career traumatically destroyed by Manny Pacquiao.

But it’s okay, that truth will eventually be known by all. It’s just a matter of time before this massive fraud is exposed.

Aside from the fact that Floyd Mayweather and his so-called advisor Leonard Ellerbe are still hiding from the boxing world in their Las Vegas mousehole like a pair of frightened rodents, and refuse to come out and talk about Pacquiao or face any boxing questions, the latest evidence that Pacquiao has paralyzed the disgraceful American with fear came from Pacquiao’s sparring partner Glen Tapia.

Tapia is in the Philippines training with Pacquiao and sparred with the seven-time world champion. His comments to the Filippino media were a direct message to Mayweather and his team of protectors. “They should be scared. We already knew he’s fast and has power, and he has good foot speed,” said the undefeated New Jersey-based welterweight prospect, with a smile of awe. “That’s what people don’t know, he’ll throw his punches and turn and then he will hit you some more.”

Pacquiao's determination. Photo by Michael Canja.

Mayweather can’t and won’t be found, to discuss the possibilities of fighting Pacquiao next year. And it’s more than obvious why. Pacquiao is a business decision/fight he knows he can’t win – nor survive the distance against. And he will continue to hide from the storm of Manny Pacquiao until it is safe to come out.

This is why Richard Schaefer is reportedly trying to make a Golden Boy in-house Mayweather-Khan fight which would be a whole lot safer for Floyd than having to fight a vicious beast promoted by Top Rank.

Fat chance HBO will pay top dollar to buy any kind of second rate silliness such as Mayweather vs. Khan. Well, let us hope that Ross Greenberg is smarter than that.

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