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Talkin’ Heavyweights with Monte Barrett

Posted on 01/26/2011

BoxingInsider Were you impressed by Vitali Klitschkos performance vs. Shannon Briggs?

Monte Barrett I was very impressed. Im one of his biggest fans. Vitali gave me inspiration. He’s 40 years old. That guy is a machine. And he has the will to win. That’s what you need in the heavyweight division. I thought he did an excellent job and I was very impressed.”

BoxingInsider: People say the heavyweight division is weak now. They actually say that fighters like you, Gomez, Briggs, Brock, Rahman, Austin are “bums.” Your comment?

Monte Barrett: “It’s not weak, it’s weak for the U.S. Listen, I never fight the media over an opinion. It’s their opinion.”

BoxingInsider: That’s not my opinion!

Monte Barrett: “If you just look at it, it’s the era. Right now, overseas, Germany, they have the energy, the technique, I don’t know, something in the food. Those guys are big and strong. In the heavyweight division, we’re looking for a savior. I know I won’t be the savior. I’m 39. I only have two more fights after the Tua rematch. After Tua, who knows, maybe I’ll be in position. It’s all about era. It’s their era now. You can’t deny them. These guys train hard. I was in camp with Wladimir for a month. The guy is a serious guy, he trains really hard. And his brother is the truth. David Haye is also a true champion. In the heavyweight division I don’t see anybody who can contest with them at this point. I really don’t. But one thing I say in life is, Don’t count nobody out.”

BoxingInsider: Who can be the successor of the Klitschkos?

Monte Barrett: “I like Povetkin, he’s a strong contender. I like David Haye.”

BoxingInsider: Can either dominate?

Monte Barrett: “I think David Haye has the potential to dominate. Everybody talks about his chin but we all get dropped in boxing. This is a hurt business. I think he has the personality and energy the heavyweight division needs.”

BoxingInsider: Power, speed, charisma, you are impressed by Haye?

Monte Barrett: “I am. Even though I lost, I’m not mad at him. He’s the young lion, he did his thing.”

BoxingInsider: What stands out in your memories of being in the ring against Haye?

Monte Barrett: “Smart. He’s a smart fighter. His preparation. He and Adam Booth. There’s a method to their madness. They threw me off guard. I thought he was gonna come out and fight one way. He came out and fought a totally different way. I thought he was gonna be more aggressive and fight more straight up and he fought from a crouch position. His right hand wasn’t really a threat. It was his left hook. After the fight, when I analyzed everything, I thought he was a very smart fighter. I wasn’t sold until I saw Adam Booth on the stilts when he fought Valuev [laughter]. I said, this guy is the truth. Very smart. Because the way he prepared. So I think David Haye has the potential to really do something in the heavyweight division, I really do.”

BoxingInsider: Haye beat the Klitschkos?

Monte Barrett: “I think he can beat Wladimir. I don’t know if he could beat Vitali but I think he can beat Wladimir. He’s sneaky. He’s just as smart as Wladimir. The Klitschkos are smart, they are doctors. I think David Haye has what it takes, out of all the heavyweights, to beat Wladimir.”

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