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Talkin’ Boxing with Tarvoris Cloud

The new IBF Light Heavyweight champ Tarvoris Cloud (20-0, 18 KO’s) may not be a household name at this point in time but that should change soon. He is a young, strong, explosive gladiator who deserves to be marketed and promoted as a future star on the airwaves of HBO or Showtime.

The man Cloud defeated in September for the title, Clinton Woods, a two-time world champ, was quite impressed by his Florida-based conqueror and awarded Cloud high marks for his unanimous decision performance. “He hits very hard. He puts a lot of shots together. He’s not a one-punch specialist even though his record shows he’d knocked everyone over,” said Woods in the September 11 issue of Boxing News. “Cloud will take some beating. I think he’s a tough fight for anyone – including Chad Dawson.” Boxing News Senior Writer Tris Dixon described Cloud as an “American star in the making.”

27-year-old Cloud says he is ready for unification with Chad Dawson. But it remains to be seen if Gary Shaw, HBO and Chad Dawson are interested in Cloud for their, some label “protected” fighter. Very talented Dawson has been allowed to prey on the over 40 senior circuiters Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson four times over the last two years while not testing his ample skillset against prime competition.

Cloud vs. Dawson is a superfight that the powers that be should make happen soon. In the meantime, read on to learn what Mr. Cloud has to say about Dawson, his status in the sport now, who he might box next, and much more…

BoxingInsider: You have been called one of the best kept secrets in boxing – your comment?

Tarvoris Cloud: “I think I’ve been called one of the best kept secrets in boxing because people knew I was a talented fighter that hadn’t got my title shot or had a great (marquee TV) fight.”

BoxingInsider: You have come out of obscurity – like Mayorga, Caballero, Sergio Martinez, Maidana, Vicente Mosquera, Ivan Vazquez of the recent past – to become one of the best fighters in your division. Do you feel this is an accurate assessment of your current status?

Tarvoris Cloud: “I think it was because I’m from Tallahassee and Quincy, Florida and we never had a world champion. We had to look towards outsiders like Muhammad Ali and fighters like that. Now that I am world champion it proved that if you worked and trained hard, it doesn’t matter where you come from, you can become world champion.”

BoxingInsider: What do you think is the key to beating Chad Dawson? Why will you win a fight vs. Chad Dawson?

Tarvoris Cloud: “First, the key is getting Chad Dawson into a fight. If I get him in the ring I’ll let my hands go and fight an intelligent fight. I don’t want to give away any details at this time.”

BoxingInsider: Do you think Chad Dawson is a protected, coddled champion who is being manufactured into a star by the system through smart matchmaking while avoiding the most dangerous threats?

Tarvoris Cloud: “Exactly, I do feel that way.”

BoxingInsider: Have we seen the best of Tarvoris Cloud yet?

Tarvoris Cloud: “No, you haven’t seen the best from Tarvoris Cloud. I’m always reaching higher and higher for the best fight. I’m interested in the warrior within me to make me a better fighter. I need to fight and beat the best to become my best.”

BoxingInsider: When did you first realize in your mind that you had the potential to become what you are today — a world champion? Who is the first person who told you that could be a world champion?

Tarvoris Cloud: “I first realized I had the potential to be world champion when I was 16, from the first time I started boxing as an amateur. Because of everything I went through at that stage of my life, I just refused to be stopped and I’ve always believed I’d be world champ. My first amateur coach, Alonzo Johnson, was the first person who told me I’d be world champion. When I turned pro I realized other fighters didn’t feel the same way as I did.”

BoxingInsider: Who do you pick to win Pacquiao or Mayweather?

Tarvoris Cloud: “I don’t bet. It will be an exciting fight, let the best man win.”

BoxingInsider: Since it doesn’t look like it will be Dawson, who would you like to face in your next fight – and who do you expect to face next?

Tarvoris Cloud: “It looks like the winner of Mack and Johnson. It’s good either way. Me and Glen would be exciting, me and Mack would be two youthful light heavyweights in an exciting fight. In the end, though, I will be victorious no matter which one wins their fight. In boxing, though, you never really know who you’re fighting until you get into the ring.”

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