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Talkin’ Boxing with Monte Barrett

One of the leading experts in the field of the heavyweight pugilistic science is Monte Barrett who has competed against the likes of Wladimir Klitschko, Hasim Rahman, Nikolay Valuev, Owen Beck, Dominic Guinn, David Haye. Barrett, who has more expertise in the field than any pundit who tells you it’s a weak heavyweight era, has some interesting comments about Haye, Klitschko, Eddie Chambers and Chris Arreola…

BoxingInsider: What is on the agenda of Monte Two Gunz Barrett?

Monte Barrett: August 8, Sheldon Hinton in Canada. I’m training at the PAL in Hackensack. One thing about boxing in the heavyweight division there’s no solid foundation, so it leaves opportunity for anything to happen. What happened in the Haye fight, looking back now? Where did it go wrong?

Monte Barrett: I got caught up in the hype when I fought Haye. I lost focus of the fight. What is it that makes Haye tricky to fight?

Monte Barrett: Haye is a strategic fighter. His gameplan really threw me all off. He fought short that night and my timing was off. He’s 6- 2 1/2 – a little bit shorter than me – he came in fighting like he’s 5-11. And he threw me all off and fought short the whole night. How do you see Haye doing against the Klitschkos?

Monte Barrett: I think he’s gonna be in worse, he’s gonna get punched if he fights Vitali. If he fights with Wladimir I think he will have a better chance. Not to say who’s the better of the two brothers, I think Vitali takes more risks than Wladimir. I think he’s a little more aggressive, not a lot, but he’s a little more aggressive. And he fights with a chip on his shoulder. Vitali’s very cocky, Wladimir is very confident. But that cockiness would destroy Haye. I think Vitali got some stuff pent up in him and I think Haye crossed the line with the disrespect. Which heavyweight fights are you looking forward to see?

Monte Barrett: I would like to see Kevin Johnson-Eddie Chambers. I would like to see that. I think it would be a boxing match but I think somebody would get stopped. The best fight out there is Wladimir or Vitali against Chris Arreola, as far as excitement-wise. You know somebody’s getting knocked out. Pound for pound I think that’s the best fight out there. Did you see any of Eddie Chambers big win over Dimitrenko?

Monte Barrett: I saw clips. I was impressed. Eddie was my sparring partner for like three fights. And he really stepped it up. I didn’t think he’d go over there and get it but he did and much love to him. He did his thing, I was surprised. You think he’s a very good quality heavyweight?

Monte Barrett: He’s really quick but he doesn’t have no power. No power. He’s quick as I don’t know. He seemed to hurt Dimitrenko a few times though.

Monte Barrett: Dimitrnko can’t take a punch then. Eddie is 204 pounds and we know he didn’t have any power. So maybe Dimitrenko wasn’t what we thought he was. You seem to like Arreola.

Monte Barrett: I’m impressed with Arreola. Arreola went to another level with his wins. HBO loves him… Al Haymon.

Monte Barrett: Al Haymon, I can’t say no more, Al Haymon, Al Haymon. But he’s proven, he’s knocked out guys he had in front of him. When the chips were down for him he rose to the occasion. That’s what we pay for. That’s why he’s in the position he’s in. But I think he’ll give Wladimir or Vitali a good fight. He can punch. He’s a Mexican, bar drinking fighter who can punch. He don’t look too good but he can punch. He’s a tough dude. How about Eddie Chambers vs. David Haye?

Monte Barrett: I think Haye would stop Chambers. I think Eddie would push the envelope with Haye, because of his speed. Anybody who is fast with speed is gonna offset somebody with power. I’ve been with Eddie in three camps, him and his father do a lot of drills. David Haye is a counter puncher. I think Eddie will do better as far as a show, a performance but I don’t think he’ll win the fight. I think he will ultimately get stopped.

Stay tuned as our next interview with Monte we will discuss the Nikolay Valuev-David Haye match-up and what Monte thinks about those so-called experts who call this modern era of heavyweights “weak” or “substandard.”

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