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Talkin’ Boxing with HBO’s Ross Greenburg

HBO Sports head honcho was present at the Paul Williams-Sergio Martinez New York City press conference and discussed several pertinent issues, including Roy Jones Jr., the options for Bernard Hopkins, and MOST importantly, Pacquiao vs. Mayweather:

BoxingInsider: Comment on Roy Jones Jr. shocking KO loss?
Ross Greenburg: “I worked with Roy Jones over many years for much of his entire career and feel blessed to have been a small part of it. And feel, despite what happened this morning, he is still one of the most gifted fighters I’ve ever seen. And I’d like to remember him that way, not this way. And I think there comes a time when you have to walk away. And I’m hoping that happens with Roy.”

BoxingInsider: Do you think it will?
Ross Greenburg: “No. Roy Jones always thinks he can wipe away 10 or 15 years and strike up that past form that we all remember. I’m just praying he decides to pack it in and become a Hall of Famer.”

BoxingInsider: Jones vs. Hopkins was going to be on HBO next year?
Ross Greenburg: “It was a tentative date (March). And it was gonna be a pay-per-view fight, which again, I wasn’t overly anxious to be a part of because those were the type of pay-per-view figihts that we’ve gotten away from in 2009 – only the biggest of the big were on pay-per-view. And we don’t need any more 300,000-type pay-per-view fights, that don’t really appeal to the masses. That’s why Bernard is probably gonna take it out on Ornelas [smiles] and he’ll have to look for a big opponent, Dawson or Paul Williams (for the March date).

BoxingInsider: Or David Haye?
Ross Greenburg: “Yeah, well, Haye, I was explaining, has all those mandatories (Ruiz, then rematch with Valuev). He’s got a couple of mandatories, then the Klitschkos. I don’t know if he and Bernard is possible, we haven’t really talked about it.”

BoxingInsider: How are the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather talks progressing?
Ross Greenburg: “None of us can really comment, I can’t comment. We all agreed to shut down.”

BoxingInsider: It’s gonna happen right?
Ross Greenburg: “Can’t talk about it [smiles]. We have to shut it down. You can look at my old quotes (after the Pac-Cotto fight) – you know how I feel about it. It’s mandatory.”

BoxingInsider: When did you all decide to shut it down?
Ross Greenburg: “The past couple of weeks we shut down all the talking – to the writers.”

BoxingInsider: Too many rumors, too much innuendo?
Ross Greenburg: “Yeah, yeah.”

BoxingInsider: Too many smokescreens?
LOU DiBELLA just happens to be passing by this moment and throws in his comment: “(Too much) Bullshit,” which provokes a smile from all.

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