Superman Klitschko Destroys Courageous Peter

Wladimir Klitschko exhibited one of the finest performances of his illustrious career by knocking out a brave Samuel Peter in round ten, to defend his world heavyweight titles. Dr. Steelhammer administered a beating on the determined Nigerian challenger who competed to the best of his abilities. Throwing a lot of punches and displaying very good head movement, Peter fought perhaps the best fight of his career. But he could not offset the awesome arsenal of Klitschko who landed many brutal hits.

Finally, in round ten, a battered and bruised Peter was stunned and then finished off by a vicious onslaught of full force punches which left him flat on his back for over a minute.

Klitschko, with enthusiastic ringside support from his American actress girlfriend Hayden Panattiere, was congratulated by big brother Vitali and all members of his team. Vitali, it should be noted, was not able to knock out Peter in their battle two years ago though Peter did retire on his stool.

This was the first time Peter has ever been knocked out for a ten count.

It was a marvelous display of boxing and punching by Klitschko and certainly one that merited American television exposure on ESPN, HBO or Showtime.

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