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Strikeforce Results: Dan Henderson Knocks Out Fedor in 1 Round

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson Results

By: William Holmes

Strikeforce brings another high quality card to Showtime as Fedor Emelianenko takes on Dan Henderson in the main event. The undercard features a woman’s MMA title fight, British bad boy Paul Daley, upcoming prospect Tyron Woodley, and fan favorites Scott Smith, Robbie Lawler, and Tim Kennedy. The results are as follows.

Scott Smith (17-8) vs. Tarec Saffiedineiedine (10-3); Welterweight

Round 1: Smith takes control of the middle of the cage early while Saffiedine circles on the outside. Saffiedine lands an early outside leg kick. Saffiedine lands a few leg kicks, and throwing more often than Scott Smith. Saffiedine throws a high kick that is partially blocked by Smith. Smith has yet to really let his hands go. Fighters clinch against the cage but Saffiedine is able to gain the advantageous position and lock in the muy thai plum and land some knee strikes. Saffiedine showing some nice dirty boxing while clinched. Saffiedine lands a nice head kick on Smith, who answers with a single leg takedown attempt that is easily stuffed. Fighters clinch against the cage and the referee breaks them apart. Saffiedine lands a hard overhand right on Smith. Smith throws a high kick of his own, and Saffiedine answers with a jab and inside leg kick. Saffiedine finishes off round 1 by landing a very nice spinning heel kick. I scored it 10-9 for Saffiedine.

Round 2: Smith needs to be more aggressive in this round if he wants to win. Smith lands a nice double jab. Saffiedine again lands a jab inside leg kick combination. Saffiedine switching stances between southpaw and regular. Saffiedine lands a nice head kick, and clinches Smith against the cage. Saffiedine lands a nice three punch combination on Smith against the cage that buckles him, and Saffiedine follows up clinching Smith against the cage. Smith trying to sucker Saffiedine to come in closer, and Saffiedine continues to pepper Smith with combinations against the cage. Smith has some blood coming from the bridge of his nose. Saffiedine lands four to five short elbows on Smtih against the fence. Saffiedine lands another high kick, and follows it with a hard right hand that forces Smith to shoot for a takedown as he is hurt badly. Smith holding onto the single legand Saffiedine is able to spin behind and land some hammer fists. Saffiedine takes Smith’s back and gets the hooks in. Fighters get back to their feet and Smith looks tired and exhausted. Saffiedine against lands a bunch of hard combos on Smith, finishing off with a high head kick. Saffiedine pretty much pulverized Smith this round. I score it 10-8 for Saffiedine.

Round 3: Smith needs a knockout to win this fight. Saffiedine lands a double jab and finishes his combination with an outside leg kick. Saffiedine seems to be landing at will on Smith. Saffiedine hits Smith with a hard body shot that appears to hurt Smith. Smith lands a heavy left hook straight right combination. Smith appears to have no movement in his legs whatsoever. Smith throws an overhand right that barely lands. Saffiedine just needs to coast the rest of the round to win this fight. Saffiedine lands a hard straight left on Smith. Saffiedine is picking Smith apart on the outside. Saffiedine lands a looping right hand. Saffiedine lands another high kick. Smith’s face has blood all over it. Smith attempts a superman punch but it did not land. Saffiedine is just much more of a technical striker than Smith. Smith trying to press forward towards the end of round 3 but too little to late. I scored this 10-9 for Saffiedine. Tarec Saffiedine wins by unanimous decision over Scott Smith.

Paul Daley (27-10-2) vs. Tyron Woodley (8-0); Welterweight

Round 1: Daley throws a few jabs out, and staying low. Woodley connects with a straight right hand. Daley tries to throw a high kick but Woodley catches it and presses Daley against the cage. While clinched Daley hits Woodley with a knee strike that catches his groin. Referee briefly stops the action. Daley comes forward with a lead hook but misses, and Woodley answers with a combo attempt of his own that misses. Woodley comes forward and presses Daley against the cage and gets Daley in a clinch. Woodley lands some knees to Daley’s thighs against the fence. Referee breaks the fighters from a clinch. Daley comes in with a hook and an uppercut but misses, Woodley shoots in on Daley and again they are pressed against the cage. Fighters break off the clinch. Daley initiates the clinch against the fence this time, and Woodley lands some hard body shots while clinched. Woodley lands some more hard body shots towards the end of the round. 10-9 round for Woodley, but impressive takedown defense from Daley.

Round 2: Fighters briefly clinch at the start of the round, and Daley throws a high kick right after the clinch that barely misses. Fighters clinched again and Woodley lands some body shots. Woodley now in on a single leg takedown and completes it. Daley on his back no in full guard. Woodley is landing some short shots while Daley is on his back. Woodley lands a hard elbow on Daley while in his guard. Daley is just holding on from the bottom position. Woodley is attempting to take the back of Paul Daley but is unable to. Referee stands both fighters back up. Woodley shoots in again on Daley but Daley is able to stuff it. Round ends with Woodley on his back and Daley following up with some ground and pound. I scored this round 10-9 for Woodley, but he looks extremely tired.

Round 3: Daley throwing shots, and landing a couple. Woodley backing up for the first time in the fight. Woodley wisely shoots in on a double leg. Both fighters are breathing heavily. Woodley in half guard, and trying to get in a side choke. Woodley landing a bunch of short elbows. Not really trying to improve his position but still landing some hard short elbows. Daley’s takedown defense has shown vast improvement this fight, but still needs to work on his scrambles to his feet. Daley momentarily kicks Woodley away, but Woodley again shoots in on Daley. Woodley trying to suck Daley’s leg in, but Daley is able to avoid the takedown. Woodley shoots in and Daley sprawls and lands some strikes while Woodley just hangs on to Daley’s leg. Fighters back to their feet, and Woodley again shoots in but Daley easily stuffs it. Daley lands an uppercut and a few knees. Woodley again shoots in on Daley after eating a knee. Daley rolls through with an omoplata attempt, but loses it. If this fight was five rounds I think Daley would have enough momentum to win the fight. I scored this round 10-9 for Daley, but Woodley looks gassed. All three judges scored it 29-28 for Tyrone Woodley, who takes it by unanimous decision.

Robbie Lawler (18-7) vs. Tim Kennedy (13-3); Welterweight

Round 1: Both fighters look to be in very good shape. Kennedy goes in with a lead left hook that misses, and Lawler answers with a two punch combo that misses. Kennedy lands an inside leg kick. Lawler kicked in the groin while attempting to throw a right hook. Kennedy shoots in for a takedown and Lawler is able to escape by sprawl. Lawler sprawls out of another takedown and lands a two punch combination on Kennedy while both fighters get back up. Kennedy again shoots on Lawler, and a frantic scramble ensues, and Kennedy is able to get Lawler’s back momentarily. Lawler able to get back to his feet. Kennedy wasted a lot of energy on that takedown attempt. Kennedy lands a nice lead left hook. Kennedy again shoots in on a takedown and gets it while he is in side control. Kennedy easily gets full mount on Lawler. Lawler able to escape from a precarious position. Kennedy lands a quick head kick. Very tough round to score, but I scored it 10-9 for Kennedy.

Round 2: Tim Kennedy lands a push kick to Lawler’s knee. Kennedy again shoots but Lawler is able to sprawl away from the shot. Kennedy lands a quick right hand to Lawler. Lawler lands a hard uppercut on Kennedy right before he shoots. Kennedy in on a single leg and Lawler trying to sprawl out. Kennedy completes the takedown and gets into half guard position. Kennedy is bleeding badly from the bridge of his nose. Kennedy back in full guard now, throwing some punches to the side of Lawler’s head. Kennedy mixing up elbows and punches from full guard position. Lots of blood now, both fighters are probably very slippery. Kennedy landing some nice body shots to Lawler and remains on top as the round ends. I scored this round 10-9 for Kennedy.

Round 3: Lawler probably needs a knockout to win this fight. Kennedy lands a right hand during a brief exchange between the two. Lawler trying to close the distance and stalking Kennedy. Kenned lands a leg kick and then shoots in, but Lawler stuffs the takedown. Kennedy throws out a head kick that connects. Lawler comes in with a flying knee that misses. Lawler catches Kennedy coming in with a lead hook. Lawler really needs to start pressing the action. Kennedy lands an inside leg kick. Lawler lands a hard uppercut that snaps the head of Kennedy. One minute left and Lawler is not showing any aggression or concern. Kennedy comes in and lands a strike, then lands a knee, and then gets an easy takedown on Lawler. Kennedy trying to close out the round with some ground and pound while in half guard control. Tim Kennedy should win this fight, and he finishes the round with some ground and pound. I scored it 10-9 for Kennedy. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Tim Kennedy, who wins it by unanimous decision.

Marloes Coenen (19-4) vs. Miesha Tate (11-2); Women’s bantamweight championship

Round 1: Coenen and Tate clinch against the cage, with Coenen’s back against the cage. Coenen reverses position and presses Tate against the cage. Fighters separate from the clinch. Coenen lands a nice left hook and a short right. Tate finally gets the takedown and into side control. Tate landing some short elbows to Coenen. Tate traps the arm of Coenen and is in side control. I scored this fight 10-9 for Tate.

Round 2: Fighters are clinched against the fence and Tate is in on a single leg. Coenen and Tate get to the ground, and Coenen takes the back of Tate. Tate now gets a body triangle on Tate and is going for a choke. However, Tate is fighting off the choke. Coenen now landing some ground and pound. Tate survives while Coenen is on her back. I scored it 10-9 for Coenen.

Round 3: Coenen lands a few leg kicks. Both fighters look tired. COenen throws a right cross that lands. Tate gets another takedown on Coenen. Tate landing some ground and pound while in Coenen’s full guard. Tate trying to posture up but isn’t able to do much. Slow round so far. Not much going on at the ground. Coenen is able to get full guard position towards the end of the round. I scored it for 10-9 for Tate.

Round 4: Tate throws a superman punch but misses. Tate throws a kick to the legs of Coenen. Both fighters look tired. Tate gets the takedown and is attempting to get into side control position. Tate is in side control, but not landing any type of strikes or going for any submissions. Tate gets in a side triangle choke from side control, and she gets the tap! Miesha Tate is the new bantamweight champion.

Fedor Emelianenko (31-3) vs. Dan Henderson (27-8); Heavyweight

Round 1: Both fighters start off throwing wildly. Henderson appears to have rocked Fedor with some hard shots. Henderson has a body clinch locked on Fedor against the cage. Henderson throwing some knees to Fedor’s legs. Fedor has a mouse under his eye. Henderson throws two hard punches but misses after releasing from the clinch. Fedor throws a few shots that backs up Dan Henderson. Fedor lands a hard overhand right, and follows up with a combination that knocks Henderson out. He follows up with some ground and pound but Henderson is able to scramble out and take Fedor’s back and throws an uppercut underneath that knocks Fedor out. Unbelievable!! Dan Henderson knocks Fedor out.

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