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Still Chicken: Coward Floyd Talks Khan But Won’t Dare Mention Pacquiao

Posted on 12/17/2010
Floyd Mayweather answered questions about possibly fighting Amir Khan next year, as has been discussed by Golden Boy’s Richard Schaefer.
Evidently, Floyd thinks Khan is a safe and easy set up for him, so he was aggressive in his words for Khan. “Have he been knocked out before?” Floyd angrily asked someone on the phone in a home video (presumably shot in his kitchen) who was calling the American about a potential Mayweather-Khan fight. Floyd continued a verbal assault on the phone because the caller dared to suggest Khan might challenge him. “The only but we know is 15 years,” apparently a reference to how long Floyd has been unbeaten as a pro.
“When you bring the mother******* here, I’ll send him home in a casket, you know that boy better leave me alone.”
You can see the video (titled: “Floyd Mayweather Adresses Amir Khan fight”) here:
Khan seems like a perfect handpick choice for Mayweather to take next year, he’s young and green, a junior welterweight and he looked vulnerable against Marcos Maidana.
However, unfortunately for most boxing fans, Mayweather did not discuss or make any comments about fighting Manny Pacquiao next year or any time soon, for that matter, in the video which was apparently posted on the internet by a Mayweather camp member who had access to Mayweather at his home.
Which leads to the obvious conclusion that Mayweather wants to and will fight Khan, who he deems “safe” but is still adamantly against the idea of boxing Pacquiao, whom he knows could likely brutally knock him out.
It remains to be seen if HBO would reward a coward and give him a safe handpicked fight with Khan when the Pacquiao-Mayweather would generate probably two, three, four or five times as much overall revenues.

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