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Steward’s Blueprint To Slay Mayweather

Posted on 01/18/2010

PR and propoganda can influence how the world believes. PR and propoganda could brainwash the public to believe something that isn’t true. PR and propoganda have convinced much of the boxing world that Floyd Mayweather is some kind of boxing marvel of perfect skills that would dominate Cotto, Mosley, Margarito, Pacquiao, Williams or just about any champion from history.

One respected boxing man who isn’t convinced is Emanuel Steward. “No, Mayweather’s definitely not the perfect fighter,” says the veteran trainer. “He’s very fortunate in the fighters he’s beaten. The timing was very good on those particular nights. I know the behind-the-scenes stories.”

Steward can envision a particular strategy that would bring down the 32-year-old former former champion. “If someone crowds him and puts pressure on him, and gets close to him before they punch – not punching from at a distance – pressure and then punching right when they get on top of him – he will have problems.”

“You can’t throw punches from too far out. Break and counter. Because Floyd likes to wait and counter. If you get too close to him you can do a lot of damage.”

Mayweather’s work ethic is unquestionable though. “As much as he seems all into so many other things is an unbelievably good trainer. Does not drink, does not smoke, may go out to a lot of nightclubs, lives a very clean life, is an unbelievable hard trainer. And that’s what sets him out a little bit from a lot of the other fighters who are so much wrapped up now into so many non-boxing related activities.”

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