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Source: Pac-Man Vs. Floyd “Isn’t Gonna Happen”

One of the beauties about covering boxing is that most of the characters involved are directly and often brutally honest – and so a reporter frequently learns interesting and intriguing facts. But then sometimes the reporter discovers big news when he least expects it.

This is what happened to yours truly on Wednesday at the Paul Williams – Sergio Martinez press conference. At the end of the conference I wanted to ask one of the world’s best trainers, who was present due to his involvement on Saturday night, what his thoughts were on how Mayweather vs. Pacquoiao would play out and who would prevail?

“It isn’t gonna happen,” stated the source in a certain and matter of fact tone. Semi-surprised to hear such a revelation I pressed for more. “It isn’t gonna happen” is all he would say.

But it was the convincing and doubtless tone that was striking. And this source is directly connected to a key figure from Team Mayweather, by way of a mutual advisor. Now if anyone needs a bigger hint than that…

The source also added, “And do you know who Mayweather wants to fight next?” I answered as we both chuckled, Matthew Hatton.

The amazing thing about this more than credible revelation from a very connected source is that HBO may not even be aware of it. HBO’s head Ross Greenburg reiterated his position of firmly wanting to make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather a reality but added he wasn’t able to reveal anything about the negotiations as all parties have agreed to not speak to the media about it. Greenburg departed the press conference for another engagement before I could get his comment about the “It isn’t gonna happen” statement.

Boy oh boy, it sure is going to be interesting to see how HBO deals with Mayweather when he betrays the network that has earned him millions upon millions. HBO is going to be quite displeased if Mayweather refuses to meet Pacquiao next year, that you can be sure of.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao…”It isn’t gonna happen.” If you believe the source who would have no reason or motive to mislead or deceive unlike one Leonard Ellerbe.

But is it any real surprise? We all know Mayweather ducked Margarito, Cotto and Mosley. Like he’s going to suudenly start now to fight the best? It doesn’t matter how much money is on the line.

All the money in the world could never erase how Roy Jones got knocked out by Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson and now Danny Green. And for Floyd Mayweather, no amount of money is worth getting brutally and savagely knocked out by Manny Pacquiao.

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