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Showtime Boxing Results: Danny Garcia, Peterson, and Jacobs Win by Stoppage

By: William Holmes

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York was the host site for tonight’s Golden Boy Promoted Showtime World Championship Boxing triple header. Most pundits felt that none of the televised bouts were going to be competitive and that this card was designed to set up a Lamont Peterson vs. Danny Garcia bout in the near future..

Photo: Rich Kane/Hogan Photos

The first bout of the night was between Jarrod Fletcher (18-1) and Daniel Jacobs (27-1) for the WBA “Regular” Middleweight Title.

Jacobs was able to slip most of Fletcher’s punches in the first half of the first round despite the fact Fletcher was on the attack early. Jacobs found his range in the middle of the first with a hard left hook straight right combination. He followed that up with two more left hooks to the head that sends Fletcher to the mat. Fletcher gets back to his feet but was on wobbly legs. Jacobs rocked him several hard combinations as the round came to an end by Fletcher was somehow able to stay on his feet.

Jacobs started off the second round by moving Fletcher backwards with his jab and two punch combinations. Fletcher was more pensive this round while Jacobs switched to a southpaw stance. Jacobs easily won the second round but Fletcher had recovered his wits from the previous round.

Fletcher came out pressing the action in the third round but Jacobs was able to slip or block most of Fletcher’s punches. Jacobs was accurate with the heavier jabs, but Fletcher’s activity was picking up. Jacobs had Fletcher hurt in the early half of the fourth round from a left hook to Fletcher’s jaw, and ended the fight in the fifth round when he connected with a short right hook to the Fletcher’s jaw again that had him stumbling backwards to the corner. Jacobs stepped up his aggression and sent Fletcher crashing to the mat with a right hook.
The referee waived off the fight from the second knockdown of the night giving Daniel Jacobs a TKO victory at 2:58 of the fifth round.

Fletcher is wobbly again Jacobs has Flethcer by corner and goes down again. (From a right hook, referee waives it off.

Lamont Peterson (32-2) put his IBF Junior Welterweight Title on the line against Edgar Santana (29-4) in the second bout of the night.

Both boxers were in an orthodox stance and Peterson was showing good upper body movement early on. Santana was missing with wild hooks while Peterson began to dig in heavy hooks to the body of Santana.

Peterson continued to show good movement in the second round while sticking Santana with jabs and hooks. Peterson was mixing his combinations to the body and head of Santana and was starting to wear hi down.

Peterson highlighted the third round with a three punch combination that ended with a left hook to the body, and started to land his double left hooks in the fourth round. Peterson landed several hard shots on Santana as the fourth round came to an end.

Peterson had Santana hurt in the fifth round and was loading up on his punches while looking for the finish. Santana was looking worn out in the fifth and was taking a beating from Peterson. The fifth round featured the most action of the night and Santana landed some decent punches but Peterson was landing the harder punches.

Peterson continued to pop shots Santana in the sixth round and connected with a five punch combination in the middle of the round. Peterson just continued to pulverize in the seventh, eighth, and ninth rounds while Santana was unable to offer much in return.

The bout was finally stopped in the tenth round as Peterson was simply beating Santana up to the body and head form ring post to ring post.

Lamont Peterson wins by TKO at 2:48 of the tenth round.

The main event of the night was between Danny Garcia (28-0) and Rod Salka (19-3) in the junior welterweight division. This fight was seen by many as a terrible mismatch.

Salka did look significantly smaller than Garcia inside the right and was showing a lot of movement in the first round. Salka was getting tagged by Garcia in the first and wasn’t hurting Garcia when he landed punches of his own.

The second round was devastating for Salka as Garcia knocked him down with a vicious right hook that had Salka looking like he had no idea where he was at. Salka got up at the count of nine but was still wobbly and badly hurt. Garcia landed two hooks to the body and another right hook upstairs that sent Salka down to one knee.

The fight could have been justifiably stopped at that point.

Salka was tagged with several more hard hooks when he got back to his feet and was sent crashing to the mat out cold.

Danny Garcia wins by knockout at 2:31 of the second round.

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