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ShoBox: The New Generation Results: Eyubov, Miller & Brant all win by the Knockout

Posted on 01/23/2016

By: Matthew N. Becher

Live from the Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona the new season of ShoBox begins for 2016. A regular stop for young prospects to becoming world champions, Showtime continued its wonderful series for the 30th year.


This week showcased young fighters in the Welterweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight divisions. Great to have boxing back in 2016

Bakhtiyar Eyubov (9-0 9KO) vs. Jared Robinson (15-2): Middleweight

Eyubov is a young fighter out of Kazakhstan that has power, he was the shorter man in this fight. Robinson owned a 7.5 inch reach advantage, which to most would be a jab and move way to win a fight. Eyubov did not let that happen, knocking down Robinson twice in the first round and showing his impressive and aggressive power. Robinson was able to survive the first round, but not much longer. Eyubov lacked defense, but backed it up with power on top of power shots. He ended the fight when the ref stopped the fight in the third round.
Eyubov TKO3

Jarell Miller (15-0-1 13KO) vs. Donovan Dennis (12-2 10KO): Heavyweight

“Big Baby” Miller came out fast in this fight knocking down Dennis twice, violently in the first round. Miller came into this fight weighing 274 pounds, more than fifty pound then Dennis.

Dennis fought back valiantly in the next few rounds, but was bloodied from his mouth, eyes and nose. He never was able to get his legs back and even though he tried, he had no real power on his counter punches.

In a fight that probably should have been stopped sooner, ended in a violent three punch combination by Miller that knocked Dennis out on his feet, slumping into the arms of the referee in the 7th round.

Miller TKO7 2:31

Rob Brant (18-0 11KO) vs. Decarlo Perez (15-3-1 5KO): Middleweight

Rob Brant came into this fight to do what lots of fighters have done on this program for the last 30 years, leave an impression. Brant definitely did so in his victory over Decarlo Perez tonight.

Perez came into the fight swinging immediately, trying to start a brawl and throw Brant off his game. Unfortunately that did not work, as Brant stayed steady and threw combinations and sharp ones at that

In the third round, Perez landed a few shots but was equally countered and eventually dropped by a straight right hand at the midway point through the round. Brant did not attack after Perez got up, but stalked and waited for accurate power punches.

The fourth round is where Brant found the perfect 1-2 punch that sent Perez through the ropes in the early leader for KO of the year (I know, it’s only 23 days in). But very impressive win and great knockout by the undefeated Brant.

Brant KO4 0:39

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