Shannon Briggs Issues Warning To Vitali Klitschko

Former WBO Heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs knows this is his last chance at boxing glory. He knows he must be pinpoint perfect the night of October 16 to take away the WBC Heavyweight title from Vitali Klitschko. If he loses this fight, it’s difficult to imagine any more world title opportunities coming his way.

And apparently, Shannon The Cannon is taking this fight very serious, he is not going to sit back passively and hope to land a lucky, home run shot on Dr. Iron Fist. Briggs is training like a demon and his physical appearance indicates he will be a dangerous adversary on the night of October 16 in Hamburg, Germany.

Looking spectacular sharp and defined, Briggs vehemently stated, “I’m in phenomenal shape. I’m under 250 right now…I’ll run through him, I’ll crash through him, I can’t stop, it’s impossible…Nobody can break my will. Only I can break my will! NOBODY can break my will. NOBODY.”

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