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Shakur Stevenson: “I just Feel Like I’m The Best Of The Next Generation”

By: Hans Themistode

Following each and every spectacular performance by one of the newer names in the sport of boxing, the coronation horns begin to blow. Whether it’s Devin Haney out boxing his opponents until he brutally knocks them out or Gervonta Davis wasting no time as he quickly sends his opponents off on a stretcher, thoughts of who will become the future of boxing quickly becomes the topic of conversation’s. 

While the arguments ensue, somewhere in the New Jersey area, a heavy bag is being pummeled as a silver medal next to a gold world title belt sits as the only spectators. 

Shakur Stevenson (14-0, 8 KOs) always finds questions such as who will become the face of boxing pointless as the answer is as obvious. 

“I just feel like I’m the best of the next generation,” said Stevenson to Fight Hype. “I feel like I’m going to take over soon. Right now I just feel like I’m ahead of everybody.”

For as much as Stevenson wants to separate himself for his young contemporaries, the comparisons have persisted. But while he doesn’t throw shade at any of their skillsets, he does see plenty of holes in their games. A problem the 22 year old doesn’t believe he has.

“If you look at all of these young fighters, there’s something that they can’t do. You can point out some stuff that they can’t do. I feel like you can’t point out anything in my game that I can’t do. I’m not a one dimensional big power puncher. I can box, I can bang and I just win. I go in there and win.” 

Win and dominate while doing so is something that Stevenson has done his entire life. Most observers have agreed that he is in fact a future star, but calling him a mere “star” just wasn’t good enough for promoter Bob Arum.

“I look at him as the southpaw version of Floyd Mayweather,” said Arum during an interview several months ago. ”I think he will exceed the performances by Floyd. He’s a rare, rare talent.”

Comparing Stevenson to the consensus best boxer of his generation is the greatest compliment Arum could bestow upon anyone. But for the former 126 pound belt holder, calling him a pure boxer is still selling him short. 

“I just feel like I can do it all. If you watched my last fight I threw a lot of punches and stood in the pocket. I banged a little bit but if you want to sit on the inside all day then I can fight. That’s what people don’t understand about me, I can fight and I can do it all. Me at my best, I feel like I’m better than everybody.”

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