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Sergey Kovalev Interview: I’m ready to fight with (Stevenson)

By: Francisco Martinez

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev talks Adonis Stevenson and Andre Ward with plus his current opponent Nadjib Mohammedi who’s been saying less then kind words about the #1 “pound for pound” light heavyweight fighter in the world today. quickly finds out how Kovalev really feels about Adonis “Superman” Stevenson. Let’s just say, Kovalev paints him less then “super” in this exclusive interview along side his long time manager Egis Klimas.

krusher2 “Let’s talk about another opponent that is at 175lbs that the people want to see you fight and you yourself have expressed that you want to step into the ring with Adonis Stevenson. Talk to us about Adonis Stevenson…” (Interrupts)

Sergey Kovalev: “Adonis piece of sh*t Stevenson (laughs) like that is right” “He calls himself Superman…” (Interrupts)

Sergey Kovalev: “Welcome to HBO and fight. I put 3 titles, he puts 1 title and split purse 50/50. It’s more then fair” “Do you think you have to fight him in order for us to find out who’s the best 175lbs today?”

(Both Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson are the #1 and #2 pound for pound light heavyweights in boxing at this moment. Both collectively have all 4 lineal titles. Sergey Kovalev has the WBA, IBF and WBO titles while Adonis Stevenson has the WBC world title)

Sergey Kovalev: “I already proved who I am. I’m ready to fight with him (like) my next opponent who is like in the top rank in light heavy” “Andre Ward hasn’t fought much these past 2 years but he’s been questioning everyone’s resume from (Gennady) Golovkin’s to Kovalev’s resume. What words would you like to share with Ward on that being that he hasn’t fought much but he’s questioning…” (Interrupts)

(Andre Ward has fought 2 times in about 3 years up until these past 2 weeks where he finally stepped back into the ring and fought at a catch weight of 172lbs which is 3lbs shy from the 175lbs (light heavyweight) Sergey Kovalev has been competing in his entire career)

Egis Klimas: “Be a man. Come to 175lbs and will fight. He fought 172lbs, it’s 3lbs away” “…and you Kovalev what would you like to tell Ward about questioning yours and (Gennady) Golovkin’s resume?”

Sergey Kovalev: “I think he makes (the) right choice and we’re going to fight on HBO PPV. It’s like I want to fight right. I want to fight with best opponents and make boxing more interesting for the fans, for the people who love boxing. Not like Stevenson” (media laughs) “Going into this fight Mohammedi is taking the drastic measures of trying to get into your head, mental game. You’ve already experienced that being that you fought Bernard Hopkins. Let me know exactly about how much he has helped motivate you or the insults that he’s thrown your way, come fight time are you going to make him remember those words he has been spreading around about you?”

Sergey Kovalev: “I don’t care about what my opponent says because it’s usually things before the fight and I grew up in Russia where you can not be a trash talker because where I grew up if you’re a trash talker you should have to answer for your words. If you don’t answer for your words you’re nobody. You have no respect from your friends, everybody but here (America) everybody comes to say everything for free but they will have to pay in the ring for me”


Media Day Quotes:


On Nadjib Mohammedi
“What do I know about him? Believe me, not much. But I do know he’s very dangerous. He’s fast. He has stamina. He’s not stupid; he’s an intelligent fighter.”

“I’m focused. I don’t care who my opponent is. I will show beautiful boxing (on July 25).”

Disappointed he hasn’t fought Adonis Stevenson yet
“Sure, I want to fight Stevenson. I do want that WBC title. My dream is to get the fourth title. I want to unify the titles. That’s my goal. It’ll be difficult to make (the bout with Stevenson), but I think it’ll happen because of Kathy (Duva).”

Krusher Kovalev
Photo Credits: Bret Newton/Main Events

On his fight against Pascal
“That fight I was terrible. I wasn’t ready. I was only 80 (eighty) percent. I started training late. I had some problems in my camp. There were a lot of things I did wrong.”

A bout against Andre Ward
“I’ll be happy to fight Andre Ward. He’s a dangerous fighter.”

“But I’m ready for anybody. I’m open for any fight.”

Regarding Bernard Hopkins bout
“My toughest fight was against Bernard Hopkins. It was the psychology of it (the bout). I had a pregnant wife and a future boy. I was fighting against a legend. It was a lot of pressure.

“I have a lot of respect for Bernard Hopkins. He’s special. I believe in myself much more (after beating Hopkins).”

Training in general
“When I was younger, I didn’t work as hard as I do now. I’m stronger and have more power now.

“I work harder now. I have more motivation. My family. Being undefeated. I have new goals, new dreams. That pushes me forward.”

His aspirations when he was in Russia before becoming a champion
“People ask if I had hope of becoming a champion. I had hope. Hope was the only thing I had. Hope pushed me.”

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