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Devastating Donaire Destroys Montiel

Posted on 02/20/2011

With one swift thrust of his left hook, like a flash, Nonito Donaire officially certified he is one of the brightest superstars in the sport of boxing.

The Filipino Flash, as he was nicknamed by the former American boxing champion Kevin Kelley, crushed Fernando Montiel with one left hook, late in the second round. Montiel flopped heavily to the canvas on his back, separated from his senses. Arms and legs kicking and waving as he lay on the canvas, Montiel had no idea where he was. Somehow the brave Mexican, with a wide-eyed look of shock on his face, managed to beat the count and was permitted to continue by the referee.

But that violent left hook by Donaire might have knocked out a lightweight or welterweight.

Within seconds, Donaire finished the job on his hopeless rival. And is now the WBO/WBC Bantamweight champion.

It was an unforgettable performance by Donaire, so very reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s second-round knockout of Trevor Berbick.

And this may only be just the beginning stage of Donaire’s rise to power as it’s conceivable that he could potentially ascend up the divisional categories to featherweight, lightweight and perhaps even welterweight.

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