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Scoop Mailbox: Will HBO Turn Against Pac Like They Did The Klitschkos?

Posted on 01/21/2011

‎”Richard Schaefer and Al Haymon can’t stand Bob Arum. This is a result of the fact Arum is what they want to be,”—HOW CAN U WRITE THIS GARBAGE? They wanna be a near 80 year old, pathological liar who because he has the pinoy pride is sud…denly mr. integrity….ur clueless, ONCE AGAIN, about what really goes on behind closed doors, especially with haymon….UR COLUMNS ABOUT ONE THING—GETTING MANILA/PINOY EYEBALLS/HITS… WRITE THE FUCKING TRUTH FOR A CHANGE…. Eric Silverstedt

Scoop Reply: No need to get angry, unless the truth has hit a nerve. Haymon and Schaefer have proven themselves to be liars as well. Do you think Haymon and Schaefer tried to stop Floyd from accusing Pac of using steroids, or did they encourage it? No negotiations took place right? We will see if HBO begins to minimalize Pac after the Mosley fight. Don’t be surprised if it happens. They did it to the Klitschkos. And we know how much Haymon and Schaefer envy Pac’s success and popularity. Pac makes them look small.


You think Bradley vs. Alexander is gonna end in a stoppage or go the full 12? -David Harrington

Scoop Reply: I believe Devon is going to win. According to Devon, Bradley has tried to avoid the fight a number of times but HBO forced it this time. I witnessed the confidence of Devon and the anxiety of Bradley at the press conference in NY. I like Alexander to win quite clearly.


 yeah thats ryt. man/ oh man sir? that is the article that ive waiting for so long (RE: wow your the greatest boxing writer for me. -Bernie Araujo

Scoop Reply: Thank you my friend.


 Great article on Haymon and that Rat Schaefer by the way. Scoop your the only one balls out tellin it like it is you should get a medal. -D

Scoop Reply: Thanks my friend. The sport would be in a better place if more of the media were more about truth seeking rather than just going with the flow.


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Some food for thought…

 “Great wealth can hide the dirtiest of secrets.” –anonymous ”

“He was a coward to the strong; He was a tyrant to the weak.” –Shelley

“Then hail to the Press! chosen guardian of freedom! Strong-sword arm of justice! bright sunbeam of truth! –Horace Greeley

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