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Scoop Mailbox: What else does Scoop Judah know?

 Scoop what do you think about Zab Judahs conversation with Floyd? I read these lines: I had seen Floyd yesterday and asked, Are you going to get back in there? Mayweather told me he’s finished. He said he was just going to chill. He’s thinking about taking a two year break…” I read it as – I’m gonna chill down a bit until the Pacman retires so I won’t have to fight him. -Elvin

Scoop Reply: Exactly Elvin it’s just more deception and smokescreens from the biggest fraud coward in boxing history. Floyd knows he has ZERO chance to survive against Pac and will never ever take the fight even though he will enjoy height, reach and homefield advantage against Pac. Floyd is a shame to the rich history of the sport of boxing and also the brave nation of the United States of America. I wonder what else Scoop Judah knows? Mayweather-Judah II?


Hey Scoop, it looks more and more of the truth when you originally spilled the beans that this fight will never happen. Wow…your article is the first to reveal of this. George Peterson knew or had first hand information Floyd will never fight Manny. It is time for you to bring up that old article, bring up the video when he announced he was leaving boxing for a couple of years. And now this revelation from Zab Judah. You really need to follow up your original article. -Bill Ma

Scoop Reply: George Peterson knows. I still remember his words like it was an hour ago: “The fight isn’t gonna happen. Some fights aren’t meant to be made.” It’s so obvious now how Floyd and Al Haymon operate that EVERYONE should not be surprised. Floyd is a coward and Al Haymon is Floyd’s protector. The sooner the powers that be act appropriately against the actions of Floyd and Haymon, the better the sport will be. We’ll see if Ross Greenberg has the cojones to do what needs to be done.


Thanks for the Mathis-ALI Story that is very interesting. I am 45 year old guy in another month and still remember the days of ALI. The excitement that Pacquiao consistently brings to his fights are incredible. I was in Texas when Manny fought Clottey and while many call it a boring fight, I admired Pacquiao for doing all he could to pry Joshua out of his shell and give the fans his money’s worth. To me that spoke Volumes about Manny’s Character, Someone like Floyd would have just kicked back, collected a paycheck and exerted as little effort as needed and as such none of his fights will be remembered. I appreciate the effort you exert in exposing Floyd for the Fraud he is. -Clay Cawley

Scoop Reply: Thank you, it was a pleasure to write that article with the help of Hall of Famer Bobby Goodman’s anecdote. Pac deserves a lot of credit for even fighting a tough nut like Clottey. I am 100% certain Floyd would never fight Clottey who is a lot better than he is given credit for.


Floyd might just be a fraud, he might just be afraid, he probably won’t fight Manny, but I guarantee you will find out sooner or later that Manny was part of a fraudulant movement , carefully orchestrated almost to a science, but as you know every dirt comes out in the wash.

Scoop Reply: The dirt was cleaned out of the wash. Good analogy. Pac is like the soap cleaner and Floyd is that dirty stain that is hard to get rid of.

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