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Scoop Mailbox: Pacquiao Knocked Floyd Out Of Boxing Without A Punch

Posted on 07/28/2010

Scoop, I enjoyed reading your article (U.S. Boxer Explains Floyd Modus Operandi). You know if you think about it, Manny retired Floyd without having to use his fist. Anyway, your old article about Floyd not wanting to fight Manny back in January is all true. I believe Haymon couldn’t convince Floyd to fight. I truly believe one day, it will all come out. When Golden Boy or even Haymon ending their business relationship with Floyd, we will hear and read all the garbage dealing with Floyd. -Bill Ma

Scoop Reply: Good point: Pacquiao knocked Floyd out of boxing without a single punch. The article was all Richard Pierson who did a fantastic job breaking it down so intelligently. Bill, we all know the truth now, we don’t need any one from the Floyd team to reveal it. Floyd knows he will be knocked out and no amount of money will lure him to his electric chair. PS Please check out and spread the word about Richard Pierson, he is a heckuva fighter and a very interesting, intelligent personality. If he gets a chance on a Pacquiao undercard, he won’t disappoint.
I haven’t heard a word from Mayweather Scoop ! I just don’t believe that he is so afraid of losing or getting knocked out! he has been taking that chance every time he stepped in the ring. as long as Manny wins his fight with Margarito , these two will fight! I really don’t care what Greenburg say , Bob Arum , Haymo…n, Ellerbee, Shaeffer, Delahoya , none of them control him.. but he is going to have make a stand. – Luther Chiles

Scoop Reply: He is making a stand, “not interested in doing anything now” is simple to interpret. it means straight up I MUST DUCK PACQUIAO
hi scoop, you’ve been exposing mayweather as chicken for many many years now! this is the first time that kevin iole the boxing writer in yahoo sports wrote about floyds ducking and chickening tactics. its was too late for kevin to know about mayweather jr ducking good fighters, he was too late on his expose, kevin has been siding with mayweather and golden boy for years, he finally get it! he finally was a thinking writer coz he cant no more defend the action and lies of mayweather, it was late but finally kevin iole might have read boxing insider and believed the king of expose in the boxing world, no other than scoop malinoski! you made other writer follow you scoop, you the the man that boxing needs! scoop is the expose king!

Scoop Reply: Thanks for the inspiration and support from truthful people like you who give the energy and will when the fight is difficult. It wasn’t the first and hopefully it won’t be the last and we will continue to expose frauds in this great sport. Better late than never for Kevin Iole. Now let’s hope people like Iole and Smith and Willis have the cojones to turn their attentions and questions to Al Haymon who has a lot of explaining to do.

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