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Scoop Mailbox: Marquez vs. Khan?

Why don’t you name all the sanctioning orgs.,their top officials and their financial backstory?-can you bite the hand that feeds you? Why not name all the promoters who have options on both fighters in the same bout?
Scoop Reply: Not a bad idea. My reliable sources tell me some of these promoters and sanctioning body heads are far more wealthy than anyone can imagine. We’re talking living in a virtual “palace.” All off the blood, sweat and tears of the humble boxer. No names, sorry. Wish some of these good folk would be more generous in what they pay the fighters and maybe look after them more when their competitive days have ended.
You got a real boner for haymon and his crew….u ever talk to sam? Did you know he was robin harris’ roommate? Ever wonder why he counts so many athletes as friends outside of boxing? Ever talk to him one on one? Ever talk to him about life outside the ring? When was the last time you paid for a fight card tix? Or write up a fight you saw in person, on a deadline..boxing is a standalone sport that can’t be compared to other. There is no universal PROFESSIONAL sanctioning
Scoop Reply: I’m sure Sam is a wonderful human being. I like him just from seeing his jubilant smile. But he doesn’t belong in the ring crowding around Michael Buffer before and after every fight, and nor do his sons belong in the ring either competing with the father for TV face time. It’s embarrassing and silly behavior from a grown man.
good suggestions can I add 1 thing More televised up n commer fights A lot of these are more exciting because they are teying to make a name for themselves -Scott
Scoop Reply: Night of the Young Heavyweights was a very good idea but seems to have been abandoned. The young fighters are the future and are very important. You can see prospects like Adrien Broner, Glen Tapia, Keith Thurman, on major show undercards. Most or many of the future stars seem to be coming from Europe.
The possible fight between Kahn and Marquez, I find intriguing !
Juan should quit chasing the cash cow and move on, and if he beats Kahn then he’d have a legitimate case for a rubber match with Manny!
I also think Gamboa would destroy Chris John if they ever fought!
Going for youth and a Pascal win over Bernard.
Nonito has better skills than Manny,
Just needs his chance at some bigger fights!
My wensday morning 2 cents. –Clint Wilcox
Scoop Reply: I counted six great points there Clint. It’s curious why Chris John is not rated higher p4p on most lists. Hopkins could be in deep trouble with Pascal. Love Gamboa and Donaire and the idea of Marquez vs. Khan, but seems GB does not. Wonder why.
I’m doing good, nothing dramatic. In 6 weeks I’ll be fit again! Happy holidays to u and ur family!
Scoop Reply: Very good to see the Champ is feeling well and hopefully will get to share a ring with the big mouth from London in early or mid 2011.
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