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Scoop Mailbox: Manny Pacquiao Is The Face Of Boxing

Scoop, Manny could finish margo in less than 8 rounds but manny’s got dozens of sponsors here…the longer the fight the longer they can plug their here if you dont watch via ppv , the whole fight would take 3hours because of those lengthy commercial breaks. a commercial break is five times longer than a round…-Bill

Scoop Reply: I heard about that, gosh that must be a tough way to watch a superfight! The fight seemed to do big business here in NYC also. I watched it at a private party in Manhattan and it took about 100 calls to Cablevision to finally order the fight. All circuits were busy. Never before have we had so much trouble ordering a PPV and I’ve watched at least 25 PPVs there. We didn’t get a feed from Dallas till midway of the Rigondeaux bout. If that is any indication, Pac-Margarito might total some staggering numbers, well over a million buys possibly.


i dunno why he lets his opponent hit him, manny can be slicker than mayweather…i know he just allow his opponent to hit him

Scoop Reply: If Floyd fought a guy with five inches of height and 20 pounds advantage over him (Bute, Froch or Miranda), it’s inevitable he would get hit hard and often. Floyd would be knocked out by Bute, Froch and Miranda. And keep in mind Margarito is a lot better fighter than he showed in the Mosley fight. Something was fishy about that fight.

I do seriously hope Floyd fans put things in perspective.. Floyd can never win against Manny.. NOT EVER!!!! not without getting in the ring with Manny first… and all signs lead to Floyd taking the road as far away from Manny as possible.. Floyd dont want a part of Pacquiao before, now and in the future.. Floyd knows Pacman has his number.. HOW IN THE HELL FLOYD CAN DEFEAT PACMAN?? -Kirk S.

Scoop Reply: Floyd can’t beat Manny Pacquiao. Floyd knows it, Ellerbe knows it, Schaefer knows it, Haymon knows it, Oscar knows it, HECK – everybody knows it now. The question is: Will Floyd permit the COWARD label to be worn around his neck for the rest of his life – or will he find his inner gladiator, sign the contract, and take the knockout loss like a true warrior? He’ll get a lot more respect in the long run, and the payday won’t be bad either.

Manny’s performance was different than Shane’s and a better display of skills and foot work, Shane did display his potential to be explosive and finished Margarito in a spectacular fashion , but the thrashing Manny gave Margarito was equally as bad if not worse, so its up to our man Floyd to make this happen and shut every one up by seriously pushing to make this fight happen and beat Manny , he has no choice.

Scoop Reply: It doesn’t matter about common opponents, that’s just a last straw excuse. All that matters is Pacquiao vs. Floyd, the best vs. the self proclaimed best. I highly doubt Floyd has the courage required to fight a man like Pacquiao. Would love to be proven wrong though. Manny Pacquiao is the Face of Boxing. He is a historical boxing figure now…Robinson, Armstrong, Dempsey, Johnson, Ali, Louis, Leonard, Duran, Tyson, Lewis, Pacquiao…

interviewed by the philippine media manny pacqauio said that he complained to the referee about stoping the fight in the 9th coz he doesn’t want to hurt margarito anymore. he does’t want to throw punches anymore to the left side of the face, he thus want now to just carry margarito to finish the fight. from 10-12 rounds that would be another real beating if pacquaio didn’t stop his assault on the face of margarito and there would be more damage if that would be the case coz margarito is still throwing hard punches at pacquaio though pacquaio is just on the defensive and he actually said “boxing is not about this, it’s not about killing”.
pacquaio realizes that if he will continue to target the head of margarito he could have more injury and could actually die. mannu pacquaio shows mercy and he pity margarito being a boxer also. margarito and his team always says about not quitting and its understandable in the perspective of a boxer and trainor garcia, a retired boxer too but lawrence cole the referee should have noticed and the doctor at the ringside should recommend it also to stop the fight so not to cause further injury. margarito was visited by manny pacquaio after the fight, he knew that he inflicted damage to margarito and could have damage him more.
at the hospital later, margarito has a fracture right eye socket and fracture orbital bone and needed operation after the swelling subsides.
the question is if pacquaio didn’t stop to target margarito head in the 10th, 11th, and 12th round in fact pleaded to referee to stop the fight and if he will also go explosives just to try to stop margarito, he will further damage margarito in which manny pacquaio dilemma in the remaining of the fight.
if this situation presented to other boxers on margarito itself, mosley, mayweather, marquez and pacquiao having sustained the injury they will dealth pacquaio more punishment and target the left face more. but pacquaio has the heart of a human, he cares for his opponent, he choose not to inflict damage anymore though he will still be open to one big punch from margarito. he did carry and pity margarito, he have shown mercy to the opponent who called him puto. -Ryan

Scoop Reply: Manny Pacquiao never ceases to amaze the world with his all around excellence as a champion athlete and a human being. I really am starting to believe the phenomenon of Manny Pacquiao is no coincidence, but a divine gift from higher above, to show us a beaming shining light of the excellence of humanity, when this overly corrupt world is in such disarray and confusion. It was incredible and possibly a historic first in a superfight to see mercy from Manny Pacquiao on Antonio Margarito, and we may never see that kind of action in a major fight ever again. This man Manny Pacquiao who once lived in a cardboard shack and now is the premier champion athlete on the planet, never ceases to amaze. Laurence Cole has established himself as one of the lower tier referees in modern boxing history. And his performance on Saturday night was at least consistent with some of his others. if there was one man worst on Sat. night it was Nelly. Top Rank could have hired Survivor to do “Eye of the Tiger”, Kool & The Gang to do “Celebration”, Aretha Franklin to do “Respect” or Elton John to do “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fightin'” Why they put that bum Nelly on that stage, who knows. Also wouldn’t have minded to see that Filipino anthem singer do a couple more numbers.

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