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Scoop Mailbox: Is Floyd Obsessed With Pacquiao?

Your body punches are taking a toll on Duckweather, ouch! Mike Marley
Scoop Reply: By the time this all settles, Oscar, Schaefer, Ellerbe, Haymon, Floyd Sr. and Floyd himself might all be wearing straitjackets :0
Hi, I’m Neil. Ive just read the article you posted in (Pacquiao Knocks Out The Mayweather Name). We like it. That’s true; no one can push a coward to the ring to fight Manny Pacquiao. More Power. Neil
Scoop Reply: Totally agree. The Greatest Ducker in Boxing History will never fight Margarito, Cotto, Williams, OR PACQUIAO. Imagine if Sugar Ray Leonard ducked Duran, Hearns, Benitez and Hagler. Where would boxing be?

When has Floyd EVER…EVER…seemed to show signs of having concern about a fighter like he has with Manny? THe same Manny he’s stated time and time again the he’d LOVE to fight just to show the world that he is the true P4P king. He’s said in the past that Manny would offer him his smallest risk while offering him his largest financial reward. Then when the fight is on the line and he knows Manny and Him are set to square off he begins to show a completely new side that NO ONE has ever seen. Confident and cocky Floyd would have NEVER accuse anyone eles of roids or PEDs…..much less a much smaller and inferior man in Manny…then goes as far as asking for olympic style testing? I thought with all that talk before Floyd would take Manny on b/c it was an easy Pay day……I see a HUGE contradiction regarding Floyd’s stance on how he TRULY feels about Manny as a fighter.
Scoop Reply: Well explained my friend. Let’s hope boxing never must endure such a fraud hypocrite like Duckweather ever again.
This is what Floyd does best. Though he did the same with Mosley until he inadvertently backed himself into a corner and was forced to fight him. It took a natural disaster, but it got made. If he beats Mosley, Pac will be the only fight fans will be demanding for Floyd, so he really can’t afford to settle for anything less. He needs to fight Pac or STFU and run off back into retirement with his tail between his legs.
Scoop Reply: Most people don’t realize Floyd has never expressed interest to fight Pacquiao, it was always assumed because of the huge money involved. I believe Floyd decided he had to avoid Pacquiao after the De La Hoya KO. That was the performance that really frightened him. Then came the Cotto KO. When Floyd is scared (like he was of Margarito, Cotto), NO AMOUNT of money will lure him into getting knocked out. Pac-Floyd ain’t happening any time soon.
I don’t get it. Floyd talking about pacquiao in Super Bowl
and NBA-All Star only gives pacquiao free publicity. whether its positive or negative, publicity is publicity and it will help pac sell his fight.
Scoop Reply: Floyd ain’t the brightest bulb in boxing. But because he ducked Pacquiao in front of the whole wide world, there is a lot of damage control that needs to be cleaned up. Floyd has to try to save face and spin it away with BS. As much as Floyd talks about Pacquiao, just imagine how much he must think about the man. Wish somebody would say to Floyd, Just shut up and fight the guy
Questions: First Floyd said he was better than Muhammad Ali and Ray Robinson. Now he’s comparing himself to Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Is that the end of the insanity – what will he say next? Did Teddy Atlas or Tim Smith ever show their evidence or e-mails from the SUPPOSED Pacquiao team member to Team Floyd? Or was the whole thing a “fabrication” as Bob Arum said? Is “lowlife” an accurate enough word to call a journalist who fabricates a story to discredit an innocent man?

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