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Scoop Mailbox: Hopkins is the Greatest


to scoop, where in the world is kevin iole? he has disappeared from the face of the planet ever since d’source put him in his proper place -Harsh

Scoop Reply: I’m not sure what you are talking about.  But Golden Boy has a lot of influence in this sport – and sometimes it affects writer’s opinions.


hey, what’s up my friend! i saw the Hopkins fight with Pascal and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like age had finally caught up to my boy! He was getting hit with punches that he usually always dodged and he looked kind of sloppy. After the second knockdown, I was nervous. But then my boy made a brilliant adjustment. That’s why Hopkins is my favorite fighter. It was just like his first match against Mercado. The worse thing you can do it actually hit Hopkins and make him have to fight. He usually takes a conservative approach and wins easily, but when he knows he’s behind on points, a monster comes out. The adjustment he made was that brilliant left hook to the body. He had Pascal ready to fold every time it landed. One more hook to the body followed by a right over the top would’ve put Pasccal to sleep. Unfortunately, for some reason my boy stopped going to the body the last 3 rounds. But I was so happy to see my boy once again doing everything everyone said he couldn’t do. I’m glad for the draw, as I thought he would once again have a false loss on his record. Taylor and Calzaghe were both schooled easily by Hopkins and couldn’t land anything, but they got the knod. Pascal did much better than they did, though not better than Hopkins did against him, so I definitely thought it would be another split decision loss for Hopkins that he should’ve won. Either way, he’s 46 now and kickin ass! It must have been great to be there live for it! I hope we can enjoy a few more great fights from my boy and I hope the judges don’t screw him over anymore. be cool my man! Let me know if you write anymore articles!
-Amjad Abdallah

Scoop Reply: It was another chapter in the history books written by Bernard Hopkins who I believe is the greatest fighter in ring history. He did it in the most impressive style possible, as you say, overcoming and thinking his way out of adversity. Hopkins is so good he has never allowed anyone to beat him up or knock him out. Never, not one slip up, mistake, or underestimation of any opponent. A legacy of success and longevity all the way to the age of 46 which is incomparable. Hopkins is the ultimate symbol of the excellence of our sport, the model all young fighters should study and follow. Not the most exciting or fastest or the most powerful puncher, however he succeeds with intelligence and execution. Pacquiao, Robinson, Ali, Leonard, Louis, Klitschko, Lewis, Monzon, Hagler, Pep, Jones Jr., they all took their beatings, Hopkins is too good for that.


Scoop, I don’t understand your logic. How can Mayweather be a coward, when he fought De La Hoya, Hatton & Mosley BEFORE Pacquiao did? -Ken Thomas

Scoop Reply: He’s a coward for ducking and dodging and avoiding Margarito in 2006, Cotto in 2008, Pacquiao in 2009 and 2010 and as you will see – 2011.


Chisora could do it, mate i swear he has total belief, he’s not one of these klitschko opponents coming for a pay day, he convinced me today just hearing him -Ben J

Scoop Reply: None of Klitschkos victims came for just the payday, though after a round or two it looked as if. They knew a win would mean an eight figure jackpot for the next fight. Reality sets in pretty quick with those Klitschko jabs and hooks coming in. Haye knows this and this is why he refuses to step in the ring with Wlad. Chisora may have belief but it will take a lot more than belief to beat either Klitschko.


The American heavyweight scene is appalling right now. Chisora might be inexperienced but he’s a live body.

Scoop Reply: Agree. Chisora could be a Leon Spinks, Buster Douglas or Rocky Balboa. We’ll see. Regarding the state of American heavyweights, I believe Lennox and both Klitschkos decimated the American contingent of the division which has resulted in this current drought. The balance of power has shifted to Europe.


Scoop: I don’t even care any more about Pacquiao and Mayweather. I’d rather see Alexander vs. Bradley. -Ken Thomas

Scoop Reply:  I love that fight too but Pacquiao vs. Floyd would make it look like an ten-round ballroom preliminary.

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